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Battle field of balance

Battle field of balance

We can get so hard up on finding the balance between thinking and feeling. We have all heard, or been told, about managing our emotions, so they don’t get out of control. So does that mean that we let our thoughts run the race? But is that a good idea either? And does it depend on what you are doing? If it’s business or if it’s personal? Do different scenarios require different methods? 

Emotions can play a vital role in guiding us. If we can just sit with them long enough, to understand what’s going, beneath the reaction or the response, then we might uncover something we hadn’t thought of.

Maybe the uncontrollable emotions are a sign to initiate a journey to self versus sweeping them under the carpet? 

So not having to choose to go with either your head or heart or thinking versus feeling, but it’s the decision around listening to what your body is telling you. Really listening to the story your emotions are conveying. Starting the process of asking yourself question after question to help you get closer to the truth.

The answers might take awhile to come, and might also be difficult to confront, but when they do they could very well unlock a part of you, that you never knew existed.


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