Book Reviews

Book Reviews

I have recently become slightly obsessed with the topic of Mindsets. The pure reason is that I see my potential but sometimes I just don't know how to get there or what needs to shift for me to achieve my desires and dreams. I read one book by Dr. Carolyn Leaf about the brain and how it can create new neuron pathways when you repeatedly focus on any certain activity. It took me to another space of curiosity on the mind and how it works and what you could do if you allow it to be in a position for it to grow. That's the foundation of this book. Mind position. Looking into the fixed, growth mindsets and how if you want a shift, things need to change. Its a good self-development book, that challenges the status quo. What can I do to get to where I want to by acting on a shifted mindset? deep but worth a read. 


This book was recommended by a friend who was trying to explain the importance of knowing yourself in this concrete jungle. It is based on a true story of a girl who was abducted from her village in Colombia. She was tortured and left for the dead. Miraculously, she was protected in the jungle by some monkeys and for 10 years she learned the ways and survival skills of the monkeys. Something profound happens that changes her life and her perception of her existence. Loved this book, written so vividly that it allows you to imagine yourself in the thick woods and allows you think about how your sphere is defined, are we monkey see monkey do or is there more? 


This is a thought provoking book that lays down the hard facts about war veterans returning into a society that is highly individualized. Sebastian brings attention to the dysfunctional habits in societies but raises some great points about being loved and giving love as the fundamentals to human happiness, the true foundations of a tribe. Creating a feeling of belonging and loyalty to the people that surround you is something one needs to be aware of. Overall, this book allows you to think about the truths on how we all have a story, what we can do daily to be the support network for those around you and express a feeling of belonging and loyalty.  

The complete reverse to having a planned life. This is letting go in the most ‘letting go’ way, you can think of. It’s removing your thoughts around good and bad and surrendering yourself to the moment. By doing this, you are letting life lead you. Sounds like a nice way to lead your life.... Not taking notice of the voices in your head. Not judging. Just moving in the direction of what’s coming up and growing spirituality through that experience. Love, love this book. Michael was a hippie in the woods that became the CEO of a fortune 500 company… and all he did was go with what came into his space.


Not sure if this book found me or I found this book. I thank my brothers for bringing me to this book. It's nice to have people in your life that keep pushing you to step up. We recommend for every woman to read this one. It speaks a different language to what most of us would be used to... but it is so beautiful and empowering and the perfect book to remind you of the importance of being you, and doing and saying what's in your heart. 

Fal Fail Again Fail Better

A book that was given to one of our new staff members to set the tone of encouragement for taking chances and having a crack. When picking up the book again this is what we found underlined: * Welcome the unwelcome. * Mistakes are the portal to creativity. * It's in that space when we aren't masking ourselves or trying to make circumstances go away - that our best qualities begin to shine. * Out of a space of failure can come vulnerability - our best human quality of bravery and kindness. * The first step, which is not easy to do, would be for you to become aware of what you're saying to yourself. * The feeling of regret, if acknowledged, I can lay it aside. * If you get a chance, do it. * This moment is complete just as it is: I'm complete just as I am; things are whole and fine just as they are. * Forward. 


The premise of 'Less being Better' and that we should look to continually remove the 'non-essential' from our lives. An easy, thought provoking read. One year on and we still talk about this book. 

Very similar to The Alchemist. Using story telling (about a guy who has lost himself to business) to convey the author's Seven Virtues of Enlightened Learning: (1) Master your mind (2) Follow your purpose (3) Practice Kaizen (4) Live with Discipline (5) Respect your time (6) Selflessly serve others (7) Embrace the present. 


The phrase 'Knowledge is power' is the foundation of this book. Malcolm Gladwell discusses points on human mental processes that work rapidly and automatically from relatively little information. With that information, we are able to make decisions or conclusions that are right, but there are always some hurdles. A persons clarity on the decision can be masked by their likes and dislikes, therefore, being misjudged. A book that dives in the psychology so is a bit tough on the read, but worth the effort. 

Who thought that living in the ‘now’ could be so hard. Don’t we already do this? When you read this book, you start to think about how much you don’t. And then start testing yourself on how you can be more in the moment. And it’s so not as easy as you would think. The theory is relatively simple, well the concept. To fully grasp this book requires a profound level of consciousness. However, irrespective of your level of consciousness, what you take from the book will be right for you for where you are at. What does that mean… it is what it is. Enjoy it. It will evolve your thinking if you are open to it.

Just Shout Up and Do It

If you are looking for a quick, cut-to-the-chase, pump up to get you back into gear... this is the book. Not long. Can read in one sitting. Brian Tracy, the author, has a magical way of uncomplicating and telling you exactly the best means of achieving your goals. The 7 Steps: (1) The Biggest Obstacle to Success, (2) Take Charge of your Life, (3) Dare to Go Forward, (4) Decide What you Really Want, (5) Overcome Procrastination, (6) Become a Lifelong Learner, (7) Never Give Up. Highly recommended if you are in the zone or wanting to get in the zone. 

Loved this book. So much so, I wrote to the author. It's about recognising what triggers you, to help you take more control of your life. This deserves a second read through. 

A guide to managing your energy and others around you for better outcomes. The book describes, through story, the seven levels of energy: (1) I lose (2) I Win, You Lose (3) I win and hopefully you do too (4) You Win (5) We all win or nobody wins (6) We always win (7) Winning and losing are illusions. Thank you to Babette Bensoussan from MindShifts for the recommendation. 

This book is quite confronting in a good way. You will start asking yourself some good questions during or after reading this book. It makes you realise how short life is and that you better get moving. The book is based on opening five doors: Clarity, Desire, Belief, Knowledge, Action. It's a great pump up and not a long read. Thank you to Luke Moroney from First Time Property for this recommendation. 

If you read this and haven't read anything like it before - note to self - be as open as possible. Everyone will take something different from this book. It is deep. It will stretch your mind. It's up to you if you decide to appreciate the stretch. Thank you to Jeanine Sciacca, A Sliva Life Systems Trainer for sharing this book with us. 

Understanding your level of consciousness and how moving up the scale can have a significant impact on you, your work, your relationships, your business, etc. The book also talks about how your physical body has the answers and describes a practice that you can do. The power versus force bit - comes back to your level of consciousness - and how being 'in a power state' can be a lot more effective, satisfying and healthier, than 'force'. Thank you Anjani Venusia for this great recommendation. More unfolding times ahead! 

If philosophy is your thing, even if you are borderline, this is a fun book. A snapshot of thinking through the times. It does make you think about who actually has got it right and how much and/or how little our thinking has evolved as to the true meaning of life!! Content and outcomes open to interpretation! 


Read at your own risk! Caution - if you want to continue thinking the way you currently do. This is a deep deep read. Beautifully written and so much easier to grasp and follow than spiritual and self-development books of this stature. The author wrote this book before The Surrender Experiment. Both as equally as good as each other. However, the depth of this made me think that he wrote this after The Surrender Experiment. The essence is attaining a life where you are completely free from the voices, surroundings and everything else that comes and goes in our lives. Where you can hold a deep sense of self, beyond what you think 'self' is. Where every day, every moment, inner peace, is your reality, and not a fleeting moment or an aspiration.

Not a lot to do with sales. Well not directly anyway. The perfect short read. There is so much in this book. It’s like all the self-development books have been summarised to this very short read. And it is truly beautiful… the end will leave you smiling. A nice reminder and pump up with an in-built method to change your ‘subconscious program’.

The Shift

The shift to creating a life of meaning. Talks about letting go, ego, humility, moving from control to trust, trust in yourself. The key theme of spirituality travels through the book. Not a long book, but lots of good advice - particularly around serving beyond yourself. 

The New Earth

From the same author of 'The Power of Now'. However, we skipped that one and was recommended this as the better of the two. A lot of talk about letting go of the ego. Also approaching things in your life with either Acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. On the second read through... it was like reading a completely different book. Where you are at is what you will take in!! So we have learned. There is so much in this book. So much. And a lot of it is really hard to get your head around. But is it worth it... most definitely. 

The Book Of Disquiet

A Portuguese writer. Who was only recognised in his death as someone of stature. This book is a compilation of the 25,000 writings he wrote during his lifetime - but had hidden away. And probably for good reason. To be very honest this was the most depressing book I have ever read. The sentiment of the writer and his life is to live his life through his dreams. I did like one part.... "Nature gave him the gift of being unable to see either his face or into his own eyes. He could only see his own face in the waters of rivers and lakes. Even the posture he had to adopt to do so was symbolic. He had to bend down, to lower himself, in order to suffer the ignominy of seeing his own face. The creator of the mirror poisoned the human soul".  


The magic that created the most successful sporting team. The importance of developing one's character plays a big part. Loved the All Black mindset of passing the Jersey to the next player coming through - in a better place than when you received it. A thinking that transfers to on and off the field behaviors. A system that you could look to replicate in business - vision, daily rituals, leaders creating great leaders, Never too big to do the small things, etc. A book full of heart. 

A book about stripping back in life so you can spend time on what's really important to you. A beautifully written book that makes you think about all the 'stuff' you have and if you really need it. After reading there is a good chance you'll find yourself thinking about how you can declutter your environment. 


The Path 

Taking Chinese philosophers words and turning into a guide on living well. It speaks about the importance of daily self-cultivation and rituals. "It begins with the smallest things in our daily lives, from which we change everything. If we begin there, then everything is up to us". Really nice read.