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Episode Ten:   A Role Model for Excellence Welcome Rachel Bourke from SalesSPACE (a Sales Coaching Business for SMEs). Rachel has had a lifelong career in the coaching field... and continues to evolve. A must listen for anyone looking to start and/or build their coaching business. In this podcast we cover: - A role model of excellence inspired by high high performance - No show ponies - Do what you are passionate and talented at - Sales conversion, your beliefs and taking the lead - Coaching Industry, competition and client awareness - "If you get serious you get stupid" - The perfect client - Why are you different? - Neuroscience pulled me out of the spiral - Working with my husband - Coaching & Mentoring trending.
Episode Nine:   How to be a Powerhouse Presenter Mariette from PowerHouse Presentation.  Mariette is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach. She draws on her years of experience as a performer and as a corporate trainer. In this podcast we cover: - Tongue Twisters that help you present - Pet Hates of Presenters - Donald Trumps Presenting Style - Great Presenters = Congruence with Body, Mind, Speech, Language & Emotions. - Impromptu Presenting - The Future of Presenting - You don't have to be an Extrovert! - How the lack of presentation skills holds you back in life - Mariette + what 12 months from now will look like for her
Episode Eight:   Stress - When it Calls, Stop & Take Notice Julie Jones is a Productivity Ninja at Think Productive and Chief Seed at Seed Strategy & Innovation. In this podcast Julie talks about her own personal experience with Stress along with helping others reduce their own stress to increase productivity and live happier lives: Specially covering: - What is stress? - The impact of stress on your body - Ignoring the signs of stress - Self acceptance around stress and coping - Taking small steps to change - There's more to life than working - Making time for the things you love - Bringing balance to your business teams - Investing in resting
Episode Seven:   My Burnout Blessing Catriona Pollard, Owner of CP Communications (PR Agency), Author of 'From Unknown to Expert, Speaker & Trainer, Artist. We speak to Catriona about making the decision to 'start saying 'yes' to life and what this has brought her as a result. Specially covering: - Living a Small Life is not for me - Untapped experience and knowledge - Overcoming my fear of Public Speaking - Burning Out - Resisting change versus managing change - Creativity and problem solving - Turning off and Reconnection - What success means to me - Turning a hobby into a business - Finding stillness - Permission to tell your true story