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A Life Like No Other

A Life Like No Other

3rd / 4th Feb - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Cost: $ 500.00 AUD
Where: Athol Hall Ashton Park, Mosman , Sydney, NSW 2088

Last year our workshop theme was ‘2017 A year like no other’. What we thought was the perfect theme. A theme to inspire us to live a year of intent, meaning, fulfillment. A year that you look back on and see growth, self-exploration, stretch… and when the 12 months is up you see a different person to the person. You see an evolution in yourself. Whether the experiences were exciting or challenging, you can take something from each and every Experience.

So here we are. A New Year. As much as we don’t want this year to end, a new year always brings a freshness, zest, and lightness.

For the 2018 Workshop theme, we thought we would take an all-encompassing view of how we look at life. So we have created a workshop that gets you to think about how you can experience more of life and how life can experience more of you.

This is going to be two days where you take the foot off the accelerator, sit back, settle in and create space to look at how you want to live your life so you can bring your best self to every day.

It will be two days of learning, unlearning, relearning.We don’t promise an easy two days. Though we do promise two days that will stay with you for the whole year.

What you take in, leave with, hold-on to for weeks following are pivotal. However, after running this for three years now, all of this is second to the people that you will meet during the workshop. You will meet great people that you create strong connections with, that will play out into life beyond the workshop.


2018 – A LIFE Like No Other

Workshop Agenda


This is a day of listening, opening up your mind, letting go, and seeing what comes up.

We have Eight very well regarded speakers on the topics that we have specifically selected to bring you a day that will inspire, prompt or change something within you, so you you look at life and how you live yours, with a completely refreshed approach.


8.00 – Open – Registration

9.00 – Better Relationships – With your family, partner, friends, children, work colleagues.

10.00 – Who are you really? – Discovering and knowing your true self.

11.00 – How to take the lead – where everyone wins.

12.00 – Energy is Everything – The essence of living our full potential.

12.00 – Lunch

1.00 – Manifestation – If you think it and feel it will become.

2.00 – Surrender – Less doing. More allowing.

3.00 – Financial Abundance – How to bring more money into your life.

4.00 – Making a difference – Understanding why it matters.

5.00 – Close



This is the action part of the workshop. Where you take an ‘inside-outside’ approach to your life. Detaching yourself from the outside noises, thoughts, and opinions of others/society, so you can find out what it is the true you is seeking? Exploration, Clarity, Purpose, Vision, Alignment, New, Change, Nothingness, etc? The program has been created so that each individual can custom the activities to what works for them. Because we all know, everyone does life differently.

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