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Speed Coaching Night


Speed Coaching Night

Speed Coaching Night

3rd / 3rd Dec - 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm
Cost: FREE
Where: ME AfterWork, Park Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

If you have never been to Speed Coaching, we can assure you, it’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to be nervous or fearful. It’s a very relaxed environment, with a lot of great supportive people around you. All you have to do is show up and see what happens. In essence, it’s a way for you to experience coaching, with ‘no strings attached’. Every ‘Speed Coaching’ session we have run, we have received very positive feedback. Just to experience the energy in the room, in itself is a great experience.


Feedback from our last speed coaching night

“Lots of great coaches. Interesting variety.”

” Well run. Felt very comfortable.” 

“Well organised event, that gives people access to each other.”

“Lots of different styles/techniques. Very interesting.” 

“I came to speed coaching night to learn more about myself and to have new experience.” 

” I found it to be fun, interesting, rewarding and a good challenge.” 

” Very insightful. The plethora of experience and passion was inspiring.” 

“I came to speed coaching because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.” 


Are you Looking, Thinking, or Intrigued about Life Coaching, but 
– Don’t know where to start?
– Not entirely sure whether you need a coach or not?
– Don’t know much about life coaching, but have heard people have had good results
– You are not sure how a life coach could help your specific situation
– Feel a little intimidated with the whole process and the idea of potentially sharing / opening up.
– Are not sure what a coach can teach you that you don’t already know.
– Intrigued but also feel sceptical about coaching and over analysis.



How The Life Speed Coaching Night will run: 
– You will have 7 minutes with up to eight coaches on the night.
– You can come prepared with questions or take a ‘wait and see’ approach.
– In between each 7 minute session there is a one minute reflection scorecard.
– At the end of the night, each coach will provide a 1 minute overview of what they do and the type of clients they work with.

It’s a fast paced night. You won’t have a lot of time to sit around and think. The premise of the night is to ascertain whether you connect with one or more life coaches and/or receive an introduction to life coaching.



Life Coaching Can Help You: 
– You have big goals and need support to achieve these
– Your to-do list is growing by the day and you don’t know where to start
– You are not clear on what direction you would like to take your life in
– You are feeling overwhelmed and out of balance
– You feel disconnected in one or more areas of your life
– You are in a cycle of busy / stress / going through the motions
– You want more fun, more passion, more love.

Guest Speakers

Lisa Gumieniuk
Resilience & Transformation Coach

Lisa Gumieniuk is a Energy healer, EFT Pracitioner an coach. She takes a holistic approach (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) when working with clients to achieve recover, rejuvenation or transformation.

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Anjani Venusia
Mindful Business Coach

After a distinguished career as a corporate lawyer in prominent law firms in the UK and Australia, Anjani switched careers to follow her dreams and passions and have never looked back. Today, Anjani is Founder of, providing Mindful Coaching services helping individuals and organisations to fulfill their fullest potential. A specialist in managing large scale behavioural change at an individual and organisational level.

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Nicky Hammond
Certified Weight Loss & Life Coach

If you feel out of control with your eating habits, dissatisfied with your body image or completely powerless to make change for the good, then you’re in the right place.

We start from the inside out. That means we will work on your mindset first.  You’ll gain practical tools that help you build a better relationship with yourself and help you combat emotional and out of control eating habits. you will feel empowered, confident and see visible results.

Dale Williams
Results Coach

Dale is a NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapy® Coach. He works with clients on getting focused and staying focused to achieve peak performance and lasting results.

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Jessica Goh
Confidence Coach

Jessica Goh helps everyday people find and build their confidence. Jessica mentors men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis.

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Lison Mage
Life & Business Coach

Lison is passionate about achievement – and about helping people from all walks of life to lift their performance, professionally and across the board.

Wendy Burgess
Life Coach - Empowerment, Wellness & Happiness

About 10 years ago I experienced a very traumatic series of events that totally turned my life upside down and inside out.

My greatest desire is to assist other people who are experiencing challenges in their lives to be able to find a way through, to become the person they long to be.

Jeanine Sciacca
Silva Method Instructor

Jeanine focuses on 2 areas. One – help people reach more of their potential and become grander versions of themselves by teaching, coaching and speaking on all things to do with leadership and personal development. Two – Assisting people in buying investment properties, as a Consultant for 20-20 Property Advisory.

Linda Thackrey
Face Reader / Psychosomatic Therapist

Linda is a registered Teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy College. She runs workshops and courses both within Australia and internationally, helping others to find that special “magic” which resides within all of us.

Gloria Jensen
Certified Life Coach

Gloria Jensen is an International and Talented Life Coach. She excels in helping people to gain clarity, confidence and overcome their fears to achieve their personal and professional goals. She offers worldwide online in English, French and German.

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