Me Afterwork


Discover your minds power.

Discover your minds power.

18th Apr - 6:30 pm
Cost: Free
Where: Level 4, 54 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Do you feel stuck in the same old rut? Failing to reach your potential? You may think you have the will to do it but it all starts in the mind! Discover simple tools and techniques you can use to throw the right switch in your head to change things for the better.

A fine example of how understanding the power of your mind turned her life around, Jeanine Sciacca’s life was once spiraling downwards, filled with months of stress and fear of failure before she discovered the practice of mind empowerment. Her transformational experience using techniques to achieve a healthy mindset indefinitely led her to success, top results, and a life purpose. Now eager and inspiring, Jeanine is passionate about helping others access and develop more of their potential through mindful practice.

What hidden powers of your mind can you discover?

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Get into the “flow”
  • Operate at peak performance
  • Manage stress and remove anxiety
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Improve relationships
  • Access, develop and refine your intuition

Tap into your infinite potential and get started on your personal journey of regrowth. Jeanine will be giving an inspiring talk at the Me AfterWork Hub on 18th April

Guest Speaker Jeanine Sciacca 

Jeanine is passionate about helping people access and develops more of their potential. Jeanine spent 20 years in Corporate, her last role being Director of Business Development in Market Research. Prior to that, she worked in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Supermarket Retailing in several roles and markets.

Though she had many roles, titles, an MBA and 3 other qualifications, Jeanine discovered that for her, titles and positions don’t mean much. It’s how we spend our time that counts; the difference we are making in the world and in the lives of others that gives our life meaning and a sense of purpose. This led her to become a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach in 2012, and more recently a Silva Method Life Systems and Intuition Instructor.

In 2015 Jeanine decided to leave Corporate, follow her heart and pursue her true passions, focusing on 2 things: personal development and investment property.

If you are interested in this topic, feel free to join us at our next Me Afterwork Event.


Guest Speakers

Jeanine Sciacca
Silva Method Instructor

Guest Speaker Jeanine is passionate about helping people access and develop more of their potential. Her greatest joy is empowering people to step outside their comfort zone and become the grandest version of themselves

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