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Online Speed Coaching - 21 October

Online Speed Coaching - 21 October

21st / 21st Oct - 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Cost: FREE
Where: Online

Speed Coaching – Online

This is a great opportunity to experience coaching – and you can be anywhere in the world!

This event has evolved from the in-person speed coaching event to online and as a result we are seeing a wider spread of coaches and participants registrations. It has also allowed us to increase how often we can run this event,

Our mission at Me AfterWork is to provide a platform to access and facilitate connections between people for the purpose of self empowerment and expanded awareness.

How speed coaching will run

1. You will join the ‘ZOOM’ meeting – the link will be sent to all registered coaches and participants.

2. You will join the meeting group at 6.55pm – Sydney Eastern Standard Time. 

3. At 7.00pm – You will be placed in your first breakout room with a coach – where you will spend 15 minutes. You will receive a 2 minute and 1 minute countdown reminder.

4. After each breakout room session – participants and coaches will have 1 minute to complete a reflection questionnaire.

5. Each participant will have 15 minutes with 4 different coaches.

6. At the end we will close the event we will rejoin the group room and hear from each coach for 1 minute.

CLICK HERE: For a step-by-step guide on speed coaching.


Do I need to prepare?

It’s entirely your call. You can come prepared with questions or take a ‘wait and see’ approach. The response to this question is dependent on your personality type. However, to maximise the experience, it’s aways recommended to keep open, to minimise any fixed ideas around outcomes and if possible allow your intuitive self to decipher/discern.

Why speed coaching could be for you?

  • You want to make a change in your life, but don’t know where to start?
  • You are not entirely sure whether you need a coach or not?
  • You don’t know much about coaching, but have heard people have had good results / experiences.
  • You are not sure how a coach could help your specific situation.
  • You feel a little intimidated with the whole process and the idea of potentially sharing / opening up.
  • You are not sure what a coach can teach you that you don’t already know.
  • You are intrigued but also feel sceptical about coaching and over analysis.

It’s fast paced. You won’t have a lot of time. The premise of speed coaching is to ascertain whether you connect with one or more life coaches and/or receive an introduction to the coaching experience. That’s it. Our advice is to not try to work things out, but to go with what feels good.

If you are a coach

If you would like to coach at our next speed coaching event please email


Click on ‘Book Now’ button below.


Why someone might consider working with a coach?

  • You have big goals and need support to achieve these
  • Your to-do list is growing by the day and you don’t know where to start
  • You are not clear on what direction you would like to take your life in
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and out of balance
  • You feel disconnected in one or more areas of your life
  • You are in a cycle of busy / stress / going through the motions
  • You want more fun, more passion, more love.
  • You are observing repeated patterns in your life and don’t know how to address them.

Guest Speakers

Meg Clearly
Certified Life & Weight Coach

Meg works mostly with women who are at MidLife. She helps you shut down down your head noises, pity parties and ‘play it again’ thought loops. Her most popular program is is ‘Stop Overeating’.

Leonard Hight
Transformation Coach

Feeling stuck with a dream inside, you just don’t seem to get moving on? Leonard works with individuals ready to find their path, get out of the shadows, and across the line. So, their dream sees the light of day.

Liz Tully
Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Liz Tully provides Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. Specialising in anxiety, depression and weight loss, Liz creates a tailored and personalised service to deliver positive and lasting changes to her client’s lives.

Bayo Igoh
Executive Coach

Bayo Igoh focuses on helping people attain their professional goals through a carefully structured, two-way dialogue, which encourages self-awareness and self-empowerment—enabling people to uncover their own solutions to whatever obstacles are holding them back.

Avi Maderer
Productivity & Anti-Procrastination Coach

Avi helps clients make the changes in their lives that are at the root of their low productivity or procrastination – their delayed personal brilliance. His coaching methods are both belief and behaviour based.

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