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Online Speed Coaching - 29 July

Online Speed Coaching - 29 July

29th / 29th Jul - 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm Closed
Cost: FREE
Where: Online

Guest Speakers

Kirsty Marriott
Empowerment Coach

Kirsty is a certified coach, trainer, mentor with a diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Kirsty supports and encourages those who have desire for change, whether be a new role, career change, or a personal goal, but have slipped into feeling comfortable.

Dex Randall
Burnout Coach

Dex will help you turn your work life around in a matter of weeks, by tackling the root causes of your stress, anxiety, frustration and exhaustion.

Phillippa Bourke
HeartMath Coach

Phillippa coaches using science-based techniques that have been shown to change the way our body’s physiology responds in stressful situations. Resulting in the ability to empower yourself to better regulate your energy and wellbeing throughout each day.

Laetitia Andrac
Holistic Coach & NLP Practitioner

My mission is to empower you to reach your own dreams with clarity and impact. I support individuals, teams, and organisations on their journey of change by inspiring them to unlock their potential.

Anjani Amritt
Purpose Mentoring Life & Business

Anjani Amriit is a Soul Purpose Coach and Mentor. She is genius at assisting high flying execs, small business owners, and organisations activate the purpose of their soul for greater impact, radical success, wellbeing and financial freedom.

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