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Sexy Confidence & Salsa

Sexy Confidence & Salsa

30th May - 6:30 pm
Cost: $ 20.00 AUD
Where: The Argyle, Argyle Street, The Rocks NSW, Australia

Have you ever observed a dancer and wished you could move like them? Well, are you ready for some good news?

You can!

Learning to dance is not only an excellent way to physically improve your health, but boost your emotions, as well! It has been shown that dancing increases self-confidence and self-esteem by providing an expressive outlet and the opportunity to learn something new and fun!

When you master a new move or build up the courage to ask someone to dance this opens up many avenues for boosting your self-confidence. Many people secretly would love to learn to dance, but they let their fear of looking silly, being around new people, or possibly doing something uncomfortable get in the way. Taking a dance class can shift that sexy confidence to a whole new level and appreciation.

An interesting article in the Daily Telegraph stated that the dancefloor is also the perfect place to gauge a prospective partner’s personality. Read Article 

Here’s the thing — so often all it takes is showing up, and then overcoming that fear and stepping out onto the dance floor to kick the self-esteem into motion. We’ve seen it time and again: people take a chance by learning something new and then realize they are more courageous and capable than they ever imagined!

This is what you will learn through the process:
1. Through your mistakes, learning is the outcome.
2. Getting comfortable with asking a new partner to dance during your class.
3. Learn a few new moves.
4. Get some cardio in and improve your fitness level.
5. Meeting new people
6. Learning about different cultures

So join Me AfterWork Salsa night at the Argyle as we take you through a few moves that are sure to impress at your next party, but most of all take your confidence to the next level.

Guest Speakers

Antonio Faria
Dance Coach

Dance Teacher Antonio

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