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Speed Coaching

Speed Coaching Night

Speed Coaching Night

27th Nov - 6:00 pm
Cost: FREE
Where: 4/54 Park Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

Brene Brown author of Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, The Power of Vulnerability (just to name a few) was the guest speaker at a Business Chicks Event three years ago and said during her talk that she has three coaches. One for life, one for business and the last one I cannot recall. Anyhow, at the time I thought that sounded a bit excessive. I thought having one coach was pretty good for me. However since then I have been exposed to a lot of different coaches and completely understand why you would tap into one or numerous. If you bring into the mix: financial coaching, career coaching, spiritual coaching… You then start to understand why one person would have more than one coach.

Even if we think back to when we were playing sport as a child -we would have our coach, manager, and then our parents in some cases, maybe siblings… so it makes sense why we would tap into a variety of experts when it comes to the big things in our life.

The Speed Coaching experience 

This is an opportunity for you to get a taster of the different coaches out there and how the world of coaching actually works, and whether or not you see this as something that can help you continue to grow I your life.

You either fall into one of the following camps: 

  1. You have never had a coach
  2. You have completed workshops and training run by coaches, but never had a one-to-one experience
  3. You have had a coach but it wasn’t a great experience
  4. You are still with your first coach and still learning and loving the experience
  5. You are onto your second, third, fourth coach
  6. You have multiple coaches

Whichever your situation, the experience of speed coaching will:

  1. Ascertain how you connect with different coaches and what you are drawn to
  2. Allow you to experience varying coaching specialities
  3. Expand your awareness of yourself
  4. Expand your awareness of how others can help you move forward in your life
  5. Provide one solid hour dedicated to exploring a bit more of yourself

How the night will unfold: 

  1. Small Introduction and Instructions
  2. Every 7 minutes you will move between coaches
  3. At the end of the evening we will do a one minute overview of each coach and what they do
  4. Leave time at the end for further conecting

Please know that there are no strings attached. No obligations.

What to expect:

  • Fun, passionate engagement.
  • Opportunity for seven 1-on-1 sessions with well-experienced coaches. Each session is 7 minutes
  • Share your goals, dreams & challenges and how each coach could help you ( All conversations are confidential).
  • Interview your coach and see if they could be the right fit for you.
  • If you are ready, book the coach of your choice there and then.
  • On the night some coaches bring along special offers.

A message to coaches 

If you are interesting in being part of this evening can you please email

The feedback that we have received from previous coaches who have attended this event:

  • “This was great night to further refine my coaching skills.”
  • “I was able to connect with other coaches for future collaboration opportunities.”
  • “The experience helped me to get more clear on the type of coaching.”
  • “The experience helped me realise the different type of coaches out there and how we can work together more.”

You’ll never look back 

Once you experience a great coach you will know exactly what we are talking about. A great coach is a game changer in your life… and it’s also a massive turning point for you to personally acknowledge the importance of you and your life.

If you have any questions please email

Last words 

There are limited seats so please put your name down early. It would also be great if you can be close to 100% confident before signing up that you will attend, as we pre-organise the coaches. Thank you.

Guest Speakers

Jessica Goh
Confidence Teacher & Speaker

Jessica Goh is not your ordinary life coach, she helps everyday people just like you to experience core confidence by being yourself. Her work is featured on eharmony and she speaks at Mind Body Spirit festival Sydney. Jessica mentors men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis.

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