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The 7 Secrets to Sales Growth in a Coaching Business

The 7 Secrets to Sales Growth in a Coaching Business

20th Nov - 6:30 pm
Where: 54 Park Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

As a coach we are faced with so many different options about how to grow our business. What should we focus on first?

Is it online marketing, blogging, writing a better business plan or attending endless networking events? The different advice is confusing and never-ending.

Rachel Bourke, founder and head trainer at SalesSPACE, knows how to sell and she knows how to grow a small business. After 12 years as an executive coach, both in Australia and in London, Rachel launched SalesSPACE. The goal – to show other coaches how to substantially grow their business and maintain financial security.

Over the last six years SalesSPACE it has grown from a team of one to a team of three, and a million-dollar company.

In this session Rachel will share the truth about selling and growing a coaching business – The 7 key elements that have totally transformed sales for her clients and that will make increased revenue a reality for you.

You have three choices when it comes to small business:
1. You can be stressed every day about money.
2. You can be doing okay but suffer a sinking feeling, usually daily, that things could change at any minute.
3. You could be strategic in your approach and follow a system that grows your sales.

In Rachel’s mind, the 3rd option is the only option. Year on year growth with a healthy dose of personal fulfilment is the only way forward.

Coaches working with SalesSPACE learn the art of selling without ever sounding pushy or salesy. As an executive coach herself for 12 years, Rachel’s Buyer’s Coach™ Methodology, is a style of selling developed specifically for coaches. It is an approach to selling like no other.

Having trained over 500 coaches and mentors across the last 6 years, Rachel continues to attract those that are determined to be their best. They promise immediate results and as a strategic partner of Me AfterWork, will provide many exciting opportunities for our members.



“Rachel flips the original notion of sales on its head, by promoting a new way of designing and executing your sales system. She is a true advocate for putting the client first and really understanding their needs. Her approach is values based, focused and it works.” Michelle Gibbings – Change Meridian

“Rachel’s distinction on crafting your elevator pitch and being irresistible when speaking to prospective clients, promoters and JV partners are unparalleled.”
Dr. Joanna Martin – International Speaker

“The most powerful session have been to in a LONG time. I feel empowered, re-energised and ready to take it on and be back in a bigger game.” Ondina Gregoric – The Ondina Studio

“You have equipped me with an effective sales process and a Buyers Coach Mindset that I need to grow my business. Rachel is an outstanding presenter, and both she and Col are very committed to seeing their clients excel. Thank you for your great input into my life and business.”
John Drury – John Drury Business Mentor

“Thank you so much for bringing the FUN back to sales. I can’t wait to practice everything I learned and get my services to the clients who really need it.”
Ingrid Messner – Director, Authentic Values

Guest Speakers

Rachel Bourke

Rachel is renowned for her practical, inspirational and no-nonsense style. Utilising the Neuroscience of Influence, an advanced application of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics and the SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach™ Methodology, she continues to attract clients that are determined to be best.

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