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Luke Moroney

Luke Moroney

Financial Coach "Property Investing isn't really about property"

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New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
About Luke Moroney


Hi, Luke here. I thought I’d share a little about me and my property investing journey so far.I purchased my first investment property when I was 25 back in in 2003.  I went out on my own, and the only advice I received was “Buy a house in Blacktown, property values always go up.” I tried to do everything on my own, which included selecting the property, and later managing the tenants.

I learnt a few costly mistakes, including selecting the wrong area to buy in at the time, since the prices in the area, and in fact, most of Sydney had already peaked; and self-managing my tenants. This was very difficult and cost me thousands through unpaid rent, tenant damage and having property vacant whilst damages were being repaired.

It was another nine years before I purchased my second property.  This time however, it was based on my newfound knowledge gain from the books, emails, TV shows I watched, and seminars I attended. The most important lesson in my education, was to make use of experts to assist me. I’ve been able to grow an extensive portfolio of 30 properties by using experts and working with other experienced investors.

I now have an opportunity to share the lessons I’ve learnt with others. Through my mentoring program, together we will build a team of experts who have a proven track record of success, provide you with the confidence to ask the right questions, develop your skill and capitalise on your knowledge. I believe my programs will give my clients the power to build wealth through Property Investing.

Without the help and advice from Luke at First Time Property Investing, I would not have purchased my first investment at such an early age. This experience has also provided me with knowledge and skills that I can use in other areas of my life.
Joshua C. - Sales Representative
Package Offer

A one-on-one, ten session personalised property investing program for first time investors. The program covers your goals, financial status, gap analysis, and strategy and then we move into taking action to secure your first property. The key outcome is your first property investment by the completion of the program.

Price :
AUD$ 2750

For second, third and fourth time investors, Luke will tailor a program to your current situation, so you can continue to keep building your portfolio.There may also be the inclusion of other property investment strategies, if they are aligned with your goals and portfolio direction.

Program Cost – a proposal as per the outcomes you wish to achieve.


Delivered in a five part webinar forum. In addition to the sessions, you will receive: Two one-on-one sessions and unlimited emails & calls with Luke, plus the First Time Program Folder.

Workshops are limited to 10 people.

Price :
AUD$ 825

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