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Michelle Richmond

Michelle Richmond

Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker

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New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
About Michelle Richmond

Hey there, I’m Michelle, I’m passionate advocate of Self Love as the accelerator of quantum change. I love the freedom that’s created be quaking your current reality so you can see the truth and be who you truly are.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I love exploring the fullness of human potential, challenging the status quo, asking deeper questions that allow the truth to shine and your soul to flourish. I’m a self confessed Epifanatic. I love that I witness epiphanies in action every day. The beauty of the ‘AHA Moment’ when quietness fills the room , followed by realisation and you are never the same again. There is no going back!

I don’t profess to have all the answer, I do have the capacity to hold the space in the face of BIG moments of change, in a way that allows you to see yourself and life in new ways and excel. I thrive when working with those who’ve already proven their drive and ambition and who are now committed to the next step in their life journey – nourishing their soul.

Working with Michelle Richmond has been both inspirational and transformational. Her intuitive and supportive approach facilitates self insight and growth with ease and grace. I am amazed by my growth as a person and my understanding of self since working with Michelle. Thanks to her, I am learning to live my truth and live from my heart.
Jane - Managing Director
Package Offer
SOULpreneur Master Mind


SOULpreneur Master Mind is a 12-month program that includes bi-weekly one-on-ones with skilled life coach Michelle Richmond. The program also includes weekly group calls, the SOULpreneur Safari Intensives and full access to change facilitator Michelle whenever you need some extra advice or feedback.

During the 12-month SOULpreneur Master Mind program, you’ll map out your whole life in order to identify where you are now and where you’d like to go. Michelle will support you while you break down your emotions and reset your thinking to delve through the 10 dimensions of consciousness in a non-judgemental, completely safe environment.


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