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10 ideas on giving

Last month I was heading home from a end-of year party for a clothing brand. For the party I had decided to wear these sequenced denim ripped jeans. I had gotten many compliments that night for my bold fashion choice however, one particular compliment that night left a mark.

As I was leaving the party I was approached by a young man who asked me if I had gotten my jeans from an American retail store I replied back that I had not and told him where I got them. He preceded to give me a compliment.

He told me that he had a similar pair of jeans and loved how I styled mine. I felt so happy after that compliment and walked away feeling even more confident. However, this made me realise when was the last time I gave somebody a compliment? And what are some other ways that I can give to others?

Here are 10 ways: 

  1. Give your time: Help a friend with a personal project or spend time making dinner with a family member.
  2. Donate clothes:  Got some unwanted clothing items? Don’t throw them away! Many charities around Australia are in need of pre-loved clothing to give to those in need. has complied a list of organisations within Australia that are accepting clothing donations.
  3. Sign a petition that you agree with: has thousands of petitions. Find one you’re passionate about.
  4. Give a helping hand: Help a co-worker with their workload when possible.
  5. Give a smile: Smiling is contagious! Try giving a smile wherever you go. 
  6. Volunteer: has thousands of volunteering options around Australia.
  7. Recycle: Recycling not only conserves wastes but also protects the environment. has many resources on how you can recycle.
  8. Give blood: 1 in 3 Australian’s will need blood in their lifetime. The Australian Red Cross has been at the forefront of blood donations for decades. Visit giving blood for more information about blood donations.
  9. Support a cause you’re passionate about: has a large database of non-profits within Australia that you can support.
  10. Share your skills: We all have skills that we can share with somebody. Are you a good writer? public speaker? soccer player? Whatever your gift may be you could start sharing it with others.

When your intentions and giving to give, you’ll see that you will receive ten fold in return, without even expecting it. 

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