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Blockchain YOU

Every tiny moment is a piece on the blockchain. Even the moments you don’t think about. One piece after the other. Your block chain continues to build. 


Sometimes we can look back on parts of our life with regrets, sadness, and inability to forgive oneself… but if you think in the notion of the blockchain…. if you didn’t have the moments it may mean that you might of not had other great moments.


That you cannot erase the moment from your life but you can accept it and be grateful for the experience, as it played a role in where your journey so far.


If you did remove the block from the chain than the whole block would come unstable and fall apart.


The other beautiful thing about your blockchain is that there is only one of its kind. It is completely unique. There is no way that it can be replicated. It cannot be hacked. Your thoughts, actions, feelings, people you meet on the street, your relationships, your children, every tiny tiny minuscule event in your life is on the blockchain. How could anyone come close to replicating this? 


What you can change though, is your blockchain going forward. This is your thoughts, what you do, how you do it, what you say, where you go, how do you bring more meaning, more peace, more heart, more love on your blockchain?


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