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How a life coach can benefit me.


When you think about training at a sport, so that you can master the skills needed to ace it and get to the fitness level that is required at the sport, a coach is usually involved in taking you from a raw natural skill to a skill crafted with mastery for you to be one of the best in the sport. Why not your life then? Having a life coach in your corner to cheer you on through life can leverage your success. Here are more on how a coach can benefit.


1. Your mind opens to different ways of thinking.
Your mind opens to different ways of thinking.Learning through association is one of the most fundamental ways that people learn new things. When you surround yourself with people who can share new knowledge it’s a constant value add for you in everyday life. A life coach, whatever their expertise field is are there to expand your knowledge in the area you are most engaged with. There are great coaches that will further expand your thinking to what you could never imagine. 


2. You feel prompted to ask questions.
A life coach is trained to help you discover or learn the questions that you constantly ask yourself. For example, what type of life do I want to lead? This allows you to have a projected view thought about your life in two to three years from now. Try answer some of these: * Are you satisfied with your life if it is to continue exactly as it currently is? * Are you content with your relationships, work, health? * Picture the ideal life you could be living. How is it different?* Visualizing helps us understand what it is that we can be doing differently now.

3. Empowers you
Unlike a friend, family member or colleague, a coach empowers you to find your way, versus tell you.They say the answers to your questions lie in you

4. Troubleshooting 
Processing challenges feel more purposeful with a coach because it leads to breakthroughs/revelations. They engage in the details that you are going through to then work out how to get to the solution that benefits you.

5. Get to your true self
The more time you have with a coach the more you develop your true self.

6. Increase your network
Your ability to meet new people and engage in a wide range of conversation topics increases.

7. Shift your thinking.
You start to think more about what you can do versus what you can’t do.

8. More daring 
You become less afraid of trying something, less afraid of making mistakes and start taking more ownership of where you are, the person you want to be, and the direction you want to head in. 

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