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Play Time!

How often do you schedule in play time?

Play for adults is critical in our stressful go-go-go lives. Play has been shown to improve brain functionality, release endorphins, and stimulate creativity.

Most tech companies have long recognised playtime: this magic link between productivity and a fun working environment. Another way to increase the bottom line, definitely. Some will provide yoga classes, ping-pong tables, or throwing regular theme parties in the office and even outside. This is encouraging playtime in employees' schedules that is leading to higher productivity, greater workplace morale, higher job satisfaction and of course a decrease in employees' days off, boredom' states and staff turnover.

If you are not lucky enough to work for such a company still plan some time during your lunch and breaks. Here some simple ideas: joke with your colleague during coffee breaks, be creative: draw, paint or take pictures around your workplace, play games such as chess, cards, puzzle, even LEGO's why not?!?... gamify your workout, now you can get even some apps that would help you. Surround yourself with playful people. Just do it, start playing.

If you really want to have fun in your workplace: do your research on the topic and volunteer for being the "Chief of Fun" with an impact on the bottom line! Put KPIs in place.

Now, as an advocate for fun, play and outdoor time - if you are a manager or an employer.

I would like to re-emphasise the fact as it is very easy to fall into your increasing workload and push your team to work longer and harder. Let me remind you that you are working with people and not computers, AI, nor without some playful time, it is more likely that employees will become month-by-month overwhelmed then burned out. So if you are not doing it yet, please find 3 perspectives to think about and most importantly act about it:

  • If you can encourage creative thinking or do something different in your meetings to boost the mood...with a game on the conference room table for example.
  • Social bonding is so crucial for people now, with technology people are starting to feel more and more lonely: bring opportunities for social interactions amongst employees, parties, challenge - tons of simple ideas that would make a huge impact! Happy for you to message me on LinkedIn to brainstorm according to your current situation.
  • Encourage your team to take breaks from their desks and spend a few minutes in a fun activity.

If any readers are interested to experience something unique and fun, connect with me for customised water sport retreats for teams.

Remember, "What is an adult? A child blown up by age." Simone de Beauvoir



About the Author: Lison Mage, is passionate about achievement - helping people from all walks of life to lift their performance, professionally and across the board. Lison combines the great outdoors and coaching - running retreats both in Australia and internationally. 

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