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Make Peace With Your Past

Make Peace With Your Past

My next school reunion is approaching.  It’s announcement stirred a lot of negative emotions, and memories.  My strongest recollections from school days is of all the hurt and bullying I was subject to.   But this was over 30 years ago, so why have I let it still affect me to this day. I’ve changed in that time, so it’s more than likely the bullies have changed too.

I needed to reflect on this more.  With all my years of study and personal work in the psychology of emotions, surely I’d already healed from this … but there was still something there. So to work on myself I went.  Who specifically did I fear seeing? What was it that I was fearful of? Of the nasty things they said and did, are any still relevant now? Looking at the situation objectively and removing myself from the image like watching a movie, what behaviours was each individually really portraying?  Were they really bullying me, or was I choosing to take on their problems as my own?

Our childhood years are our most formative. From 0-7 years our brains are like sponges in theta frequency, (meditative state) without filters.  This is the time a child’s physical growth, as well as their ability to learn the social emotional, behaviour, thinking and communication skills needed for life are developed.

Through relationships, a child learns whether the world is safe and secure, whether she’s loved, who loves her, what happens when she cries, laughs or makes a face, and much more. My childhood learning had been compromised from an early age, and was the catalyst for the ongoing stresses throughout my school years and onto my corporate years, and relationships.  It took me to rock bottom before I realised what was going on, and turn my life around.

Spiritually we have chosen to live this life, to learn lessons, to grow and evolve, and to help others on their journey.  That means before we came to this earth my class mates and I loved each other enough to make a pact with each other to come together at our school, to be bitches, to teach each other the lessons we had not yet learned in previous lives. So thank them for loving you so much that they’d be willing to sacrifice their relationship with you in this life time.

The reunion is cause to look back, pause, reflect and most of all give thanks for the magnificent insights and personal growth that has come to us over the years since.

Make peace with your past actions.  You can do this by allowing any old wounds to simply surface, so that they can be felt.  Then acknowledge that you’re a different person today because of your past. You’ve grown and learned how to fly because of your challenges.  Be in awe of your path and purpose.  Claim back your power.


About the Author: Anne Barratt, from Empowering Health works with Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Mind Body Coaching & Energy Work to discover the underlying contributing factors to your problems, resulting in long last change for the better. 

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