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Something New

Let’s see what happens… a perfect line to use when it comes to starting something new. 


And when you are in the ‘let’s see what happens’ space, you see life happening, because you have no choice but to stay in the moment, because it is something new. The auto-pilot in you cannot do its thing because there is no pre-existing behaviour pattern. 


The more you have this feeling, the more you want this feeling. The reason why is because you are actually living in the moment. Not living in a memory, not thinking about what’s coming next. You are smack bang in the moment. And when you are right there, right here, experiencing something new, nothing can beat it.


Some hobby ideas for you to think about:  

Dancing – It’s a winner for so many reasons. Exercise, connecting, vulnerability, following, leading, music, the feeling of floating. 

Singing – Find your voice. Find your tone. Find your inner rock star. 

Photography / Video  – Share with people how you see things through your photos. 

Book Club – There are a lot around. Join or start one. It could be genre-based or author based. 

Writing – Start a blog. Write a book. Everyone has something to share with the world. What can you share that could add value to someone else?  

Drawing/Painting – A learned skill. Just some people have to learn longer than others! Could also make for a great gift! 

Sports / Exercise – So many options here. Exercise no longer needs to be boring. The key is the crowd… that’s the magic and vibe that keeps you coming back.  

Cards – There are bridge clubs around. Great community. Card strategy – a good way to keep the brain active.

Cooking classes – Become a master of a signature dish, cuisine or dessert. 

Musical Instrument – I wish I could play….? What is the one instrument you have always wanted play? Why not now? You can do a taster course and then go from there. 

New Language – Why not go all out and immerse yourself in that country for 4 weeks. Eat the foods, dress the style, learn the culture while you’re at it. 

Cross Stitch – An oldie but a good one. Do it alone or join a group. Doesn’t require much set-up. And quite therapeutic. 

DIY – Have you always wanted to build something, i.e. get on the tools? Take things up a level from the Ikea build. 

Collector – Is the antique roadshow calling you? Do you get excited about the thought of rummaging through street paths when council clean-ups are on? 

The great thing about taking up a hobby and trying something new is that you can drop it whenever you want to. You’re not locked in. You can keep doing it for as long as you like, until the next hobby comes along. 

You also never know where a new hobby could lead to… new found confidence, a new business idea, a new group of friends, a discovery, a book, inspiration for others… 

If you have any Hobby ideas, we would love to hear about them.  

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