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Stick or move: when is it right to change careers.

We are beginning to change jobs at a frantic rate. With employees being more empowered than ever with a host of educational facilities, new industries and a wide range of job search tools. Despite the old ‘Job for Life’ notion, the Australian public is finding it easy to move between jobs every few years. It’s a great thing that we are so unbound by our careers and are free to explore new opportunities, but it’s important we do it right.


Making a move in your career is still a big shift.

Do they want you?
A good manager wants happy employees, and will roll out the red carpet if you suit their needs. You should value any time where a recruiter reaches out for your skills. They are most likely interested in what you can provide them, and will go to great lengths to make sure you’re a happy employee with them. On the flip side, you should value your current role if your manager genuinely holds you in high esteem, respects you and compromises for your personal needs, as this hard to come by.


Can you climb the ladder?
We are happy when we are thriving, and we are thriving when we are growing. Staying in the same job should mean you get rewarded for your loyalty, service and contribution. Whether it be pay rise or promotion, look for signs that there is avenues for progression in your current job. Even if your current role is uninspiring, you should stay put if your dream job is down the track. However, if you’re becoming unsatisfied, and at the end of the line, you should explore new, prosperous career paths.


What have you learned?
You should always have one eye towards the future, and never stop learning. If you are in a career path or industry that allows you to keep learning new skills, developing insights, or even simply makes you think critically, think twice about moving on. This is a pretty good indicator that the grass is green in your yard. If you find yourself getting tired of a mundane setting, move on to something more engaging!


All in all, a good job is one that helps you grow, prosper and be yourself. It’s understandable that you might not be in this case, as good jobs are hard to come by, but it is important to ensure you’re happy what you’re doing, and if you’re in one of these boats mentioned, you're likely to be just that.


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