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The Shut Down After Christmas

Looking back to the holiday spirit of December. Christmas was here and over before you knew. The mad rush of buying presents, early Christmas celebrations that pack into your schedule, cooking, baking, cleaning, getting ready to go on holiday. The activities were cramming our days of preparation as we approached the most festive day of the year.


But after the dust settled, in that one-week time space that crept towards New Years, a sudden epiphany hit everyone. The year must very well end. We need to be ready to start over, to start fresh for the New Year. Wipe the slate clean. 


What are you shut down in preparation for 2018? Never to be seen again in the new year!  This is my list of what I will be attempting to shut down: 

1. Judgement – I thought I was tracking ok with this one. But a couple of slip-ups. 

2. Thinking in general – This year I have realised that thinking gets you not far. So I am shutting it down. Well, a lot of it anyway. Easier said than done. However,
    awareness is the first step!!  

3. Reacting too quickly – A bit hard sometimes when the reaction is laughter – but I think that one can slip through. 

4. Over scheduling – This has crept back in. Not a fan. Equates to time moving too fast and a lack of depth.. because you focus on the next thing and not the thing right now. My body ends up shutting down from the lack of self-love I give.  

5. Fast pace living – Easier than said. This is DNA related!! Definitely, see the benefit. Will have to instill a daily behaviour to change this up for me. 

6. Things for thing’s sake – Continuing to strip back. Empty wardrobes, cardboards, bookshelves. Makes for a lighter living space = lighter existence. 

7. The time I spend on my mobile phone – Leave it in the bag. Leave it on the table. Don’t touch it when in the company of other people. 

8. Smoking Hash!! – Just joking. A curveball for the people who read through! 

I wish you a fabulous festive summer season and a cracking 2018.  

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