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Aleth Doat - Talenteos

Aleth Doat - Talenteos

MBTI certified coach Systemc change, Coaching and Facilitation

Areas of Expertise:

New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
About Aleth Doat - Talenteos

Aleth’s professional pathway has been driven by a strong will of improving collaboration. She is passionate about facilitating collaborative approaches in organizations looking for more value proposition. She believes that CoDesign is the best way to conduct initiatives in an action-oriented way, and to maximize ownership and impact.

When she founded Talenteos in 2013, she wanted to codesign training workshops on behavior transformation. Today, she is proud to join Meafterwork network and look forward to sharing a new vision of what collaboration can achieve in the organizations: to make meetings and workshops more efficient, meaningful, to develop ownership and at the end of the day to enable business deep transformation.

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