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Fully Expressed

Fully Expressed

Career and Life Strategist I help you fall in love with Mondays, get Fully Expressed and become financially independent. Get inspired and start your journey today.

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New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
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Deep down you know you’re not following your life’s purpose, or even know what it is. You’re yearning for a career where you have more flexibility, wear the “boss” hat and have time for your passions, family, and relationships.

Hiya, I’m Bella Zanesco. I support leaders like you to fall in love with Mondays, get Fully Expressed and become financially INDEPENDENT. Take your free life and career audit and start your journey to fulfilment today at

My career, life and business strategy approaches are backed by my own 4,500 people strong executive study of what contributes to a successful life and career and what doesn’t and an internationally bestselling book Smart Girls Screw Up Too – The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want. It outsold Richard Branson and Sheryl Sandberg on debut. I’m regularly called upon to contribute career, life and wellbeing strategy advice to the likes of the BBC, Business Chicks, Sunrise on 7, the ABC, Women’s Health and Qantas Radio.

I’m an ex-professional athlete (a sailing World Champion). Current passions include photography, kitesurfing and yoga. In 2015 I was awarded the UK Top 50 Young Changemaker of the Year by the City of London for my work supporting women to become abundant in a fulfilling career. I’ve won several international photography awards including The Weekend Australian People Photographer of the Year and hold a British Kitesurfing Record. In 2018 I was awarded the Vice Chancellors Alumni of the Year for outstanding service to my profession and the community.

"For so long I've been wanting to break free from my 9 to 5 job but didn't know how wasn't sure of my direction and wouldn't even give myself permission to even try.  Bella has changed all of that. In only 3 short months Bella was able to demolish layers of self-doubt and self-sabotaging beliefs.  She taught me to only to take off the mask I wore in my life, but how to get rid of it for good.  Her guidance has helped me finally connect with my true self and what I really want in life.  Although we have touched on some of the 'airy fairy' things like vision, values and beliefs, Bella is also incredibly savvy and strategic.  We are now putting together business plans, service propositions and step by step processes for getting my business up and running (and soon thriving).  Bella is an uncanny mix of new age thinking, creativity and no-nonsense logic and reason.  If you're after a holistic coach who can help you piece together the business/work, health, fun and connection you want in life, then this amazing woman is for you!   Bella has helped me on so many levels.  Life will never be the same; thank goodness for that! " Stephanie Big 4 Accountant
Stephanie - Big 4 Accountant
"Bella is an exceptional business coach. Within a few weeks of working with Bella, I had completed tasks - like creating my website and honing my value proposition - that I’d been trying to tackle for months. Bella helped me to streamline and focus my business’ offering and helped me to identify how I could work smarter, not harder, to achieve my business and income goals. This has meant I’ve had more time to spend on business development, and as a result, I’ve won on-going branding, copywriting and consulting work with one of my dream clients. Not only is Bella a gun at business leadership, she’s also a pro an instilling confidence into her clients. Thank you, Bella!" Edwina
Edwina Carr- Barraclough - Journalist
"After being coached by Bella, I found a great job that I really like with a fantastic organisation. I met THE man and found a wonderful new home because I was clear on what I wanted. I'm way more confident and relaxed". Management Consultant
Sarah - Management Consultant
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