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Kay Smith

Kay Smith

Health & Mind-Body Nutrition Coach

Areas of Expertise:

New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
About Kay Smith

A former business and digital media leader, with a successful, international track record, turned holistic health professional and natural living advocate. Kay is a knowledgeable Certified, Integrative Health Coach and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach inspiring happy souls in healthy bodies. She has a flair for empowering people to improve their health and wellbeing from the inside out, achieved by promoting self-awareness coupled with a unique combination of nutritional psychology, health, leadership and lifestyle coaching techniques.

Kay is an avid researcher and continuous learner, with a thirst for evidence-based knowledge in the fields of functional nutrition, integrative medicine and mindfulness, with the aim of extending people’s health span by raising awareness of a more natural, conscious way of living and offering alternatives to allopathic medicine. Kay is dedicated to being a force for good, with an ethos of paying it forward to accelerate personal transformation in others, thereby benefiting our collective wellbeing.

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