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How to find Love

How to find Love

Love & Relationship Coach Fall in love. Not only with your soulmate, but also with yourself and your life!

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New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
About How to find Love

Eugenia Wolstein is an NLP Master Practitioner, with a Masters Degree in Psychology, who has also graduated from Tony Robbins’ Mastery University.

She’s the co-creator of YOUR dream- (love-) life.

Whether you’re single, always attracting all the wrong ones, and have already started to doubt yourself,

or you’re stuck in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship – living in limbo-land, and the question to whether leave or stay is sucking the last bit of life out of you,

or you’re a couple who’ve lost their passion and joy.

You’re in the right place to find LOVE (again).

After having finally found a caring man after my divorce, I started feeling doubtful and angry. Every time we went out for dinner the only thing I could see, was him paying attention to other women, it made me sick, I started to hate him. All my friends said, how lucky I am having found a man like him, but all I could feel was just anxiety and rage. I was 100% certain that HE is the problem. That he is just another jerk, and I have to leave him. I needed someone to listen to me without being judged and hearing “how lucky I am”. I wanted to talk to someone, without the feeling of being the crazy one, so I called Eugenia after she was recommended to me by a work colleague. But I guess I also searched for someone to tell me that it’s ok to break up with him. That’s ok to end a relationship with a man, who gave up everything just to be with me. I guess I needed someone to tell me that I’m not a bad person leaving him because I just couldn’t stand this anger and rage and endless fights anymore. She totally understood me, without imposing her view of the things on me. She has this unique capability to see people for who they truly are. But she didn’t give me the assurance to leave, instead, she guided me to the true issues I was struggling with. I learned that I carried a lot of hurt within me, hurt from my ex-marriage, even hurt from my childhood, where I experienced over and over again that I’m not good enough, so I didn’t feel good enough for this caring man as well. Unconsciously I was so scared that he’d leave me for another woman, that I started to sabotage our relationship. During our sessions, I was just constantly saying “wooooow!” because I couldn’t believe what I’ve found out about myself. With Eugenia’s guidance, I found all the peace I was looking for. No need to say, that I didn’t leave this amazing man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Irene - Pharmasist
Eugenia is a motivating and inspiring woman that knows really well how to listen to you and is ready to put herself in your shoes in order to understand your situation. She gives the best advices according to her knowledge and experiences to improve your life, to boost your self-confidence, to help you be with your soulmate! You can feel her honesty, her kindness .. she immediately transmits her positive vibes to you too ! I felt happy and powerful after that. I believe she can change everyone's way of seeing life. She has cleared my mind in a short time and I'm sure that her tips will work out for everyone, I trust her ! Thank you again Eugenia ❤
Mouna - Student

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