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Ramon Herrera

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Victoria - Melbourne
About Ramon Herrera

For 20 years, I worked in the IT industry with passion and dedication to the point that I never wanted to ever do anything else. About 10 years ago, I started to realise that I did not like my job any longer and was feeling trapped. Then 3 years ago, I was totally burned out, and unemployed. Today, I am now working on my new calling after becoming an expert at human behaviour. I help people better understand themselves, start all over again, improve themselves and/or address personal issues.

The field of human behaviour has also allowed me to help professional individuals have a better understanding of their thinking style and how this impacts their life, personal goals and professional career and as a consequence, improve their professional career and facilitate the achievement of their personal goals.

On the business side, my human behaviour skills work in a similar way, providing the tools set to the relevant individual or team within the organisation to understand their thinking style, strengths and communication style, which translate to a better understanding of the different behavioral interactions within the team members.

These behavioral interaction may be related the thinking style of each team member as well as the thinking style of the team as a whole, including how and why they communicate the way they do. The end result is better relationships within the team, more understanding on how and why each other works the way they do, how each team member can improve and empower a friendlier and more productive work environment.

If you are interested in finding out more on the value I can provide you or your organisation, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary, no obligation, one hour personal session to work on any matter you like to discuss.

"Prior to being coached by Ramon I held some limiting beliefs that were holding me back both personally and professionally.

Through being coached by Ramon awareness around certain issues was raised enabling me to connect with my values and establish new positive self-beliefs. I now have some great tools and strategies to take with me on my journey in life.

As a result of working with by Ramon I feel empowered and confident in moving forward and meeting new challenges. The sessions were always interesting and engaging and meticulously conducted. Thank you Ramon."
Simone Quinn
"The Meta dynamics profile was awesome and the session about the results gave me clarity about my natural personal style and strengths, and the stretches I need to make in the other areas. The coaching session pushed me to open my mind to my own strengths and I have since had time to reflect on what came out of the session. I am now much more aware of my natural style and am incorporating this into my daily tasks, including pushing out of my comfort zone in areas where I am working outside of my own style and tendencies.

The Values Elicitation session really blew my mind. For many months I have been struggling to work within what I believed were my strongest values and wondering why I was getting more despondent and unhappy by the day. During this session you were able, with the questions, to elicit what were my top values and see that my focus was completely directed at things that didn't really matter to me so much. Since the session I have been able to reevaluate and reprioritise my goals list, and I am feeling much more positive and motivated. I have finally been able to move out of the planning phase and into the doing, and I am achieving small milestones each day, which further motivates me to push myself with more doing on each subsequent day. My to do list has changed significantly and I have the courage and passion to step out of my comfort zone and make those goals into a reality.

I highly recommend that anyone who is stuck in a rut of questioning and unknowing of a direction for their life, to undertake a series of these sessions with you and then be blown away by the understanding and clarity they gain."
Stephanie Altus
"I have had a number of Life Coaching sessions with Ramon in the past 4 months. Ramon has been extremely caring, knowledgeable and has shown empathy throughout the sessions. His curiosity and interest in my life challenges have presented a number of enlightening moments for me which have eventuated into constructive, permanent changes. Ramon has also provided mentoring when I required his understanding and knowledge in an area I was finding challenging. I have always been provided me with an atmosphere of safety and trust which has allowed me to completely open up during my sessions. No doubt this has enabled many advantageous discussions with positive thought provoking discussions. I would be happy to provide any further information if required and have no hesitation in recommending Ramon to any prospective clients."
Robyn Douglas
Package Offer
Your Ultimate Self

Imagine living a life where joy, relationships, health, vitality are the norm, where you discover how to let go of old thinking patterns that are holding you back, build new ones that propel you forward in the direction of your goals and incredible transformation, so you too can be uniquely YOU…

Your Ultimate Self

  • Full 6 module product, the entire system to coach self love
  • Full narratives from Sharon Pearson breaking down the Live interventions in the room
  • Complete transcripts detailing everything taught in the modules showing what has happened
  • Hours of bonus classes with Sharon Pearson on the exact steps to coach Self Love
Regular Price :
Sale Price :
Your Success

The answer is here now. Become part of a community where true happiness is the norm and great people celebrate great achievements. Imagine being completely supported to unlock your potential and start working on the success you know you’ve always deserved. We all have a choice. We all have the ability to create something extraordinary.

Your Success has 12 Jam Packed Modules      

  • Module 1 Life Hacks
  • Module 2 Ideal Average Day
  • Module 3 & 4 Mind Matters
  • Module 5 How We Think Shapes How We Live
  • Module 6 Life’s Master Key
  • Module 7 The Ultimate Master Blueprint
  • Module 8 Your Environment
  • Module 9 Your Structure
  • Module 10 Your Implementation
  • Module 11 Your People
  • Module 12 Courage To Be You
Price :
Disruptive Leadership

The perfect tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in any community. Learn the secrets to creating an environment where people flourish and incredible results are commonplace. Great people need great leadership no matter the challenge.
Find out how you can be the industry leader and achieve outstanding results.


  • Create a culture of high performance
  • Provide a structure of excellence that doesn’t choke innovation, but encourages it
  • Maintain standards that don’t turn into bureaucracy
  • Develop people beyond their jobs and their careers… develop their leadership potential
  • Utilise the Benchmark Model for disruptive leadership so that innovation is supported and encouraged
  • Provide the culture needed to win business and attract the best clients

The Disruptive Leadership Program includes:

  • Introduction: Get To Know The Foundations
  • Module 1: What Creates A Great Culture
  • Module 2: Benchmarks For Success
  • Module 3: Models Of Excellence
  • Module 4: Your Leadership
  • Module 5: Manager Versus Leader
  • Module 6: Your First 90 Days As A Leader
  • And there’s more… Bonuses and exclusive interviews
Price :
Ultimate Influence

The consultative sales program for marketers, coaches, consultants, presenters and trainers who generate leads and want higher conversions through their sales team. Ultimate Influence has been created for internet marketers and people working in the expert field and has already generated millions of dollars in sales.

Ultimate Influence has been created for internet marketers and people working in the expert field and has already generated millions of dollars in sales. The program includes scripts, templates, buying triggers, persuasive language patterns, overcoming objections, and how to close high end clients.

These techniques work with leads straight from AdWords, with no prior contact or conditioning. It works with Facebook leads, organic leads and referral partner leads. It’s been tested in a wide range of markets, including finance, coaching, training, education and marketing courses.

The 7-Part Ultimate Influence Program includes:

  • Module 1: Your Fast Start Guide And Introduction
  • Module 2: Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Module 3: Connecting With Your Buyer
  • Module 4: Mastering The Psychology Of Buying
  • Module 5: Getting To ‘Yes’ With Persuasive Language
  • Module 6: Creating An Unforgettable Experience
  • Module 7: Your Ultimate Influence Framework
  • And There’S More… Bonuses And Exclusive Interviews
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