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Ramon Herrera

Ramon Herrera

Business Coach and Personal Coach

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Victoria - Melbourne
About Ramon Herrera

For 20 years, I worked in the IT industry with passion and dedication to the point that I never wanted to ever do anything else. About 10 years ago, I started to realise that I did not like my job any longer and was feeling trapped. Then 3 years ago, I was totally burned out, and unemployed. Today, I am now working on my new calling after becoming an expert at human behaviour. I help people better understand themselves, start all over again, improve themselves and/or address personal issues.

The field of human behaviour has also allowed me to help professional individuals have a better understanding of their thinking style and how this impacts their life, personal goals and professional career and as a consequence, improve their professional career and facilitate the achievement of their personal goals.

On the business side, my human behaviour skills work in a similar way, providing the tools set to the relevant individual or team within the organisation to understand their thinking style, strengths and communication style, which translate to a better understanding of the different behavioral interactions within the team members.

These behavioral interaction may be related the thinking style of each team member as well as the thinking style of the team as a whole, including how and why they communicate the way they do. The end result is better relationships within the team, more understanding on how and why each other works the way they do, how each team member can improve and empower a friendlier and more productive work environment.

If you are interested in finding out more on the value I can provide you or your organisation, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary, no obligation, one hour personal session to work on any matter you like to discuss.

Through being coached by Ramon, awareness around certain issues was raised enabling me to connect with my values and establish new positive self-beliefs. I now have some great tools and strategies to take with me on my journal in life.
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