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Sandi Smith

Sandi Smith

Consultant Life Coach

Areas of Expertise:

Western Australia - Perth and Peel
About Sandi Smith

I love assisting people at turning points and intersections in their lives who are wanting to reconnect with something missing in their career, relationships, health or life in general. They are ready to take action and be inspired by their passions, embrace their strengths and live a life that is joyous, rich and abundant. After many years in Education and personal development, I believe in the power of self discovery and learning. Learning new skills and thinking strategies enables anyone to live empowered and inspired.

Life flows more easily when you have a positive mindset, make healthy choices and embrace change so you can move forward in life. I have worked with people of all ages and at all stages in life. Now is always the right time to learn, reflect and try something new. Sometimes we need someone to assist and support us.

I choose to live life in a balanced, holistic, mindful way. I endeavour to respect all aspects of my life, my physical, emotional and spiritual self. Life as it is today, can be hectic and keeping grounded with nature helps me to keep healthy. I love to keep in touch with what fills me up. My husband and I are lucky to live close to the beach and take trips out to our favourite spot in the country. I love to cook and create and to be in my garden, to take walks with our dog or to do yoga or go swimming. Travelling on holiday to somewhere new is always a fun adventure. Most of all I am lucky to spend happy times with my family and friends.

Sandi is a diamond and I am so glad I found her! I found our sessions tremendously helpful, I’ve worked with life coaches before, but none had her energy, warmth and insightfulness. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch life changing coach.

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