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Energy Healer, Spiritual life coach, Semianr presentor

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New South Wales - Sydney and The Blue Mountains
About Savitur

As we relate in life, business and family the problematic areas and blockages to freedom, flow, connection  and success often sit in the unseen areas of our body mind and energy field. In our session’s we will create a safe space for these energies to be witnessed, have a opportunity to release them, thus creating a liberated blank canvas to create and build the life you have been yearning for. Profound shifts not only in the for-mentioned  but also in our physical health can  be achieved.

You are so much more powerful than what see when you look in the mirror there are fields of infinite potential at your disposal, my job is to assist you to access, clear and reboot the system.

From humble beginning in West Yorkshire, England, already a regular meditator, working with dressage and eventing horses, eventually finding my self working in a premier stables near Zurich in the mountains of Switzerland. One morning as I was preparing to exercise the horses, I heard a voice come form deep within saying “ this has to stop now, its time to start your mission”.

Apart form feeling pretty freaked out, this started a stream of events ultimately on a plane to Sydney with two cases and a $1000 in my pocket.

Landing in Sydney I managed to find a job and got sponsored managing a cafe on the North Shore. Every body I needed to help, support and train me to becoming the therapist and facilitator I am today literally walked through the cafe door. Between 2002 and 2007 I became quailed as Counsellor, Meditation and rebirthing  Facilitator and ultimately a life changing energy healing modality called Ignite Your Spirit. The tools I learnt and embodied, built upon my natural intuitive abilities, changed my life.

I now travel our beautiful planet, facilitating transformative, seminars, group and individual healings, mentoring and coaching.

I am looking forwards to working with you.


Savitur is a profound and beautiful healer and his work has been extremely helpful through many critical junctions in my life, I consider him a main support person on my personal team and cannot recommend his work highly enough..
Sonia Choquette -USA - Spirtual Teacher, Author and Consultant.
With Savitur I have felt safe enough to explore the depths! I know that he is able to 'hold space' in any situation and this has allowed me to drop down into my core in our healing sessions. I value his compassion, his empathy, his knowledge and his care. Apart from his spiritual potency, he has an embodied 'lived' understanding of the inner child dynamics, sexuality and relational issues. I truly consider him a Master Healer and would recommend him to anyone wanting to undertake life-changing personal work
Andrea Notarpietro - Consultant
Savitur is a Master Healer in all respects, His healings are insightful, powerful and life changing. I have regular healings with Savitur and he has helped me successfully transform how I see and deal with life and relationships especially the one with myself. He is a pioneer in the healing arts blending together ancient traditions with modern day philosophies, tools and techniques for the perfect recipe to health and wellbeing. I highly recommend Savitur whether you have ever had a healing before are a seasoned recipient of healings. Savitur's wisdom and understanding of life has no limits. His insight is impeccable. Savitur offers wise counsel with joy and authenticity which is rare to find.
Anjani - Sydney - Soul puropose mentor
Savitur has been instrumental in life, health and spiritual journey. Words of gratitude can not adequately express the transformations that have taken place in my life. Others have picked up on my spirituality and this wondrous aura that surrounds me. I am forever grateful to him for his guidance and connecting me with the ,masters, and angels and guides necessary to help me through life
Erinn - Scotland - Social worker, musician and spiritual helaer
Package Offer
Platinum Transformation

10 x 50 minute online sessions

What people are saying.

“There is something about the intensity of having the ten healings with Savitur that creates an energy that is simply not available when you have sporadic “as you need them” healings.   Wow, life changing!!!  “
A few weeks ago, I decided to give myself the gift of 10 healings with Savitur Dhanvantre. I have
been having regular healings for about 8 years with Savitur, probably about 4 or 5 per year. I
thought that this is what I would do, spread them out over the year and save a bit of money.
However, the divine had other ideas, having these healings, regularly 1 per week – I have had 4 so
far and I cannot tell you the depth of these healings that what we are getting to is beyond anything I
have ever experienced. I feel like this is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I am
recommending that if you are reading this you consider this, as a gift to yourself. The impact and
commitment (to self) that this has taken is just absolutely wow. There’s only on Savitur – Shela, Sydney
I’ve been having healings with Savitur for a number of years and decided a few months ago to book a series of online healings with him closer together. The effect of having weekly healings has been amazing. Having healings so close together has created an environment in which I have been able to work through issues that have been lying hidden since childhood and have experienced deep changes in my life. Savitur is able to create a completely safe environment online and his presence, counselling and healing skills are simply amazing. I had one healing that brought up something intensely painful and Savitur was able to hold the space through Skype so masterfully that I felt like we were actually sitting in the same room. I am deeply grateful for being in such good hands as I go through the process of healing and reclaiming more of my authentic, shining self.
Sabine, Canberra.
I am half way through a 10 Healing Session pack with Savitur and it has been one of the best investments I have made for myself and my business. As a mother of a toddler, with a husband working overseas and building my own healing business and modality, things can get pretty hectic from time to time and I have had to deal with some big “stuff” over the last 6 months of life and business. What I enjoy the most about working with Savitur is that he not only gets to what is going on but he makes the sessions fun. He has this unique way of really listening to me and hearing what is happening and gently releasing it. He gets that I need to ground my healing session in the real world and helps me find solutions, not just in my spiritual development but how to bring these solutions and healings in my physical life. I’ve worked with many healers over the course of the last decade and I can honestly say that his method of delivery is one of a kind. I appreciate his wisdom and continual support as I birth my ancestral work into the world as a new modality. Since beginning my sessions with him, my business has doubled and booked out and I feel calmer and happier as a mother and wife. I am truly honoured that Savitur is my Spiritual Mentor and someone I greatly admire. Working with Savitur will bring changes to your life in a way you have never imagined.
 Helina Ryan – Ancestral clearer. Brisbane
Regular Price :
$240 per session
Sale Price :
pre paid 10pax $2000

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