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Scott Alexander King

Co Founder of Animal Dreaming Publishing. Co-Host of Your Journey to Success Self Empowerment Conference. Author. Teacher. Speaker. ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING is Australia’s leading hybrid publishing company, Spirit Animal Psychic

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As a writer, have you ever dreamed of publishing your work and launching yourself as an author?

Have you got to the point where you’ve pitched your manuscript to various publishing companies, only to receive literary rejection letters in the mail explaining that your submission didn’t meet their current publishing plans, or that your work isn’t the ‘right fit’ for their publishing house at this time?

Well, many years ago, I did just that. I diligently (and naively, I guess) sent my manuscript submission out to all the big name publishers believing one of them would snap it up and, yes, I received countless letters back saying my work was ‘too Australian’ or ‘too niche’. Naturally, I was gutted with each ‘thank you, but no thank you’ letter I received in the mail, often accompanied by my unopened offerings, but I didn’t give up.

I had written my first book, Animal Dreaming, which as you may know, showcases the symbolic meaning and spiritual messages of over 200 Aussie animals, birds, aquatic creatures and insects. While I knew that, at the time, there was nothing like it on the market. Sure – there were several titles that explored animal symbology out there, but none that explored the potential messages our native animals had to share. I knew my book was unique and that it had a genuine point of difference, but – let’s be honest – everyone who writes a book believes their work is ‘the next big thing’. So while I personally believed my book was destined for big things, none of the publishers i approached seemed to share my vision.

But do you know what? I refused to believe that I was wrong. I refused to accept the feedback which, I felt, was both close-minded and … well … just plain wrong!

Now, as fate would have it, located right next door to the shop Trudy and I owned at the time, Circle of Stones, which was located in Main Street Warburton, in Victoria’s picturesque Yarra Valley, was the (then) Australian head office of American author, Caroline Myss. So, needing advice, I paid a visit and, over coffee, had a chat with the team that had helped establish and build awareness for Caroline’s ground breaking work with Archetypes in our beautiful country. Knowing that my work with totems and Caroline’s work with Archetypes shared similar ground, I wanted to know how (and if) I should pursue my dream to ‘Get Published’. Remembering that ‘back then’ to be self-published was still considered ‘less than’ and not a path any self-respecting would-be Author would normally embark on, the advice they gave me was to do just that: Self-Publish.

They reminded me that many highly successful authors, including Louise Hay and Caroline Myss herself, had started their journeys as self-published and that if I was serious about getting myself out there, I shouldn’t wait for a Knight in shining armour (obviously sent by some far-away publishing company) to head-hunt me with the offer to publish. Instead, they urged, I should invest in myself and prove to myself that my work was viable and that there was a market out there waiting for my ideas to be published. So, with the support of friends and family, and with the help of one friend in particular, I took their advice and brought my dream to reality by self-publishing my book. And do you know what? Not only was it well-received in the market place here in Australia, it also sparked interest overseas for both my book and me personally.

Today, with fourteen publications to my credit, I have become a recognised leading influence in the field of totemism, animal symbology, spirt animals, earth medicine and fundamental shamanism. All because I took the advice of ‘people in the know’, took a risk and worked my backside off to make my dream a profitable reality.

So – to return to the original question I asked at the beginning of this post: ‘Have you, as a writer, dreamed of publishing your work and launching yourself as an author?’ – if you answered ‘yes’, the advice I’d give is simple. SELF PUBLISH. Even if it’s just to get the ball rolling and to spike the interest of a traditional publishing company that may not – at first glance – see potential in your work.

Sure, I may have been traditionally published by several companies in my time – but always remember, I started out as a self-published author and, after what many would deem as a lengthy period of success, I’ve returned to being self-published.

If you’re not someone that’s brave enough to embark on a journey like this alone though, and you’d prefer to have a friend support, guide and mentor you through the arduous journey that is self-publishing, guess what? I’m prepared to be that friend. In fact – you won’t just have me walking every step of the way with you if you decide to explore my advice further – you’ll have an entire team of professionals dedicated to bringing your dream to fruition.

Sound good?

To read more about our publishing journey and what I (as the co-founder of Australia’s favourite hybrid assisted self-publishing company, Animal Dreaming Publishing) and our team can do to help you GET PUBLISHED, visit (and check out our submission guidelines) or email to make an appointment to chat.


~ Scott Alexander King

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