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Feeling Stuck?

Why Are You Allowing 'Stuckness' to Stop You From Succeeding?

How do you know if you’re stuck? - You feel something is preventing you from moving forward or leading the life you’re supposed to be living, - you feel unable to break through circumstances that are conspiring to hold you down, - you feel as if your contributions are not recognised or appreciated. I call this 'Stuckness'.

'Stuckness' usually manifests itself in different ways that are nevertheless interconnected. 'Stuckness' can seem circumstantial, the result of your situation or the fault of someone who has power or leverage over you. You feel that the people around you have no idea what you’re capable of achieving.

'Stuckness' leads to doubting ourselves.

When we doubt ourselves, we start to make small changes in the way we do things. We procrastinate on things we used to feel were easy but now seem hard as we believe we are being judged on them. Over time this leads to changes in our habits. Habits are simply actions we do repeatedly over time. The thing about habits is that they tend to hang around even when the conditions that got them started no longer exist.

Your habits are not you. They are you on autopilot.

When you’re on autopilot, you are not really thinking about this situation, this moment, this challenge, or the specific response your circumstances require. You’re just reacting in a way that has become comfortable for you over time. Your brain saves energy this way. But you’re not really present for what you are doing, which is why you are not considering whether your behaviour is serving you now. It's not all bad news. Here is the good news. You CAN break out of your 'Stuckness'.

3 Simple Steps to Remove ‘Stuckness’

Ready to try something radical? This technique was introduced back in the 1950's.

  1. Once a day, journal one success you have had in your life you can remember.
  2. Recognise when 'Stuckness' strikes; and
  3. Stand in front of a mirror and say out loud: "Stop it! There is greatness in you. Remember when.." and read out your journaled successes. You may laugh at this at first. Why not give it a try. What have you got to lose other than your 'Stuckness'?

About the Author: Razz is a business growth coach, specialising in lead generation. 

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