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Working it out: why a gym subscription won’t get you fit

I feel that many gym memberships can be seen as a pipe-dream. An under thought, wishful-thinking based approach to getting in shape. People sign up for gym memberships with unrealistic objectives, without a concrete schedule and a lack of knowledge of what they should do. We tend to have a default in our brain that signing up for the gym will equate to us getting fitter. We do it just because everyone else does it, it’s just the move when you want to get into shape, right?


Imagine setting a goal to eat a whole beetroot five mornings per week (even though you currently eat none). You have the idea that this will be a lifesaver. You don’t even like eating beetroot, but you’re going to start implementing them into your diet. You’re completely unaware of how . Here’s what’s gonna happen: You’re going to either burnout or forget to have one, and break the cycle. Either way, you’re gonna have a hard time making a habit out of beetroots if you dont like them to begin with.


Instead of spending your day dreading the prospect of the gym later that night; consider joining a sporting team or a fitness class with friends. You might be horrible at sports, but you can play with friends, set goals and most importantly, you’ll start to look forward to these events. You and your friends will get better, you’ll get fitter, and from there you’ve built a habit without even knowing it – you’re just having fun.


Here are a few ideas on how you can escape your fear of the gym:


Rekindle the love of a sport

Remember the thrill of school sports? Running around carefree, having the time of our lives mucking about with friends. Rekindle that thrill and find an outlet for social sport. It might be getting involved at university or creating a touch-football team with your colleagues at work.


Make it you

Can’t run because of your bad knees? Walking netball is your answer. Not a morning person? Play futsal of an evening. Never let personal circumstances limit your exercise choices – there’s something for you out there.


Try something new

Pick a sport/activity at random that you have no experience in. Walk yourself into the local dance studio, or buy a surfboard/wakeboard and ask your friends for tips. It’s an amazing feeling learning new skills from scratch! See below for some out there ideas!

Take Classes

There is a reason gym’s are offering more and more unique classes and sessions. These have similar benefits to sports and group activities – short, group based exercise that makes you accountable for showing up and working hard. So put your head down and buddy up!


For more great ideas on how to tailor your workout habits for you, get in touch with one of our wellness providers!

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