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You Have the Answers, Even the Answers You Don’t Want To Hear

Sounds good in theory. But what if you do have the answers and you don’t want to hear them! 

Relatable to the analogy of going against the tide. Going upstream. Using all your effort to get what you think you want and when you do get it (if you get it), you don’t feel at peace.


As much as you say you don’t know the answer to the question, deep down there is at least a little part of you that knows. You just don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to face the music and open up that can of worms to a rush of uneasiness and accepting something you have been trying to deny.


We have all been there. That knowing, that you disregard. And then only regard, when what you thought would eventuate does eventuate, even though you didn’t want it to eventuate. You remember the exact moment in time when you had the knowledge. And the story you told yourself to combat your knowing. And when it pans out as per the original knowing, even though you would love to blame someone else for the result that you are not so happy with, the knowing comes back to remind you, what you knew all along.


It’s hard when the answer is something that you don’t like. But the sooner you come to terms with it, the faster you can be free and move along. Humans tend to persist in the hopes that it will turn out the way they want. I guess a little hope doesn’t hurt, but when the feeling of knowing is much stronger, it’s best to just realise that you know the answers. 


And the answer isn’t the worst part. The emotions after the disregard. The feelings leading up to the whole acceptance of the truth is what aches the most. But also the most rewarding. Having to deal with different thoughts and going through time to reflect and soul search and wonder what led you to this moment. How would you have changed things? Why didn’t it work out?


So what should we do? When the knowing comes up. Even though you may not want to go with the knowledge, just listen to it. Don’t try to combat it. Don’t even try to accept it. Just listen to it.


I believe this is what they call wisdom. We all have it. We don’t always listen to it. 


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