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You Don't Know What You Don't Know.

Episode Twelve:  This one was an exciting mind-stretch! Our guest Sheila Vijeyarasa is an Intuitive Coach. Four months ago, Sheila was balancing her Intuitive Coaching with her Financial Corporate job. But this has all changed. What we cover in this podcast: - What is an intuitive coach? - A conscious shift awakening - where the ego is shattered - Don't ever waste a crisis - Feelings are your intuitive abilities working gently - When your beliefs sets become challenged - You will only read and absorb what you are ready for - The questions my clients are asking - Timeline Therapy - Blockages, The guidance / spirit team - "I don't think anyone has one purpose" - Tony Robbins, The Ashram in India - You can't not change - Having fun and playing more. - Tips on how to tap into your intuitive self - Moving into action - Advice if you are feeling stuck.  
Episode Eleven: 
We talk to Geoff Evison, an Ultra Trail Runner. We are not just talking 100km runs, but 245 kms runs. Which takes 38 hours (on a good run) to complete, if you do actually complete it. Why does a level headed guy like Geoff, feel the need to get up seven days a week and train for one running challenge after the other? What we cover: - "I hate running. But what I love about running is everything it gives me." - The transition from road to trails. - "My legs normally start hurting at the 45km mark." - Adjusting your mind. Anything above a half marathon has very little to do with running. - "I run to maximise life." - The deep dark hole. - "There are a lot of tears." - 12 weeks training plan. - Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc - Will Geoff still be running 10 years from now?  
Episode Ten:
Welcome Rachel Bourke from SalesSPACE (a Sales Coaching Business for SMEs). Rachel has had a lifelong career in the coaching field... and continues to evolve. A must listen for anyone looking to start and/or build their coaching business. What we cover: - A role model of excellenceInspired by high performance / talent mastery - No show ponies - Do what you are passionate and talented at - Sales conversion - Your beliefs & taking the lead - Coaching Industry - Competition & client awareness - "If you get serious you get stupid" - The perfect client - The power of the process - Why are you different? - The impact of life experiences on how Rachel (we) coaches - "I felt like I lost my identity" - Neuroscience pulled me out of the spiral - Working with my husband - Relaxation - Niche, niche and more niche - Coaching & mentoring trending   Episode Nine: Mariette from PowerHouse Presentation.  Mariette is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach. She draws on her years of experience as a performer and as a corporate trainer. In this podcast we cover: - Tongue Twisters that help you present - Pet Hates of Presenters - Donald Trumps Presenting Style - Great Presenters = Congruence with Body, Mind, Speech, Language & Emotions. - Impromptu Presenting - The Future of Presenting - You don't have to be an Extrovert! - How the lack of presentation skills holds you back in life - Mariette + what 12 months from now will look like for her
Episode Eight: Julie Jones is a Productivity Ninja at Think Productive and Chief Seed at Seed Strategy & Innovation. In this podcast Julie talks about her own personal experience with Stress along with helping others reduce their own stress to increase productivity and live happier lives: Specially covering: - What is stress? - The impact of stress on your body - Ignoring the signs of stress - Self acceptance around stress and coping - Taking small steps to change - There's more to life than working - Making time for the things you love - Bringing balance to your business teams - Investing in resting
Episode Seven: Catriona Pollard, Owner of CP Communications (PR Agency), Author of 'From Unknown to Expert, Speaker & Trainer, Artist. We speak to Catriona about making the decision to 'start saying 'yes' to life and what this has brought her as a result. Specially covering: - Living a Small Life is not for me - Untapped experience and knowledge - Overcoming my fear of Public Speaking - Burning Out - Resisting change versus managing change - Creativity and problem solving - Turning off and Reconnection - What success means to me - Turning a hobby into a business - Finding stillness - Permission to tell your true story
Episode Six: We speak with John Drury Author, Founder of Business and Executive Coaching. John has developed a practical, relevant methodology that enables high achievers to pursue audacious goals without neglecting all that is precious in their world. This is whats covered: - The Inherent Traits of High Achievers. - The Preachers confession. - Speaking my Love Language. - From the pulpit to coaching. - Discovering Self-Belief. - The heart of a good leader. - 21st Century Life trends. - The Extended DISC Program: Predicting your behavior. - Group Coaching or One-on-One Coaching? - The key to a second chance - Self-Respect.
Episode Five: We speak with Jeanine Sciacca, a Silva Method instructor, and John Maxwell Certified Trainer & Coach. In pursuit of her true passion which is personal development and helping people understand their infinite potential, was the discovery of the true meaning of surrender. This is what’s covered: - The Big Shift in the last 6 months. - Moving from empowered to a 'guided life'. - To truly surrender. - Decisions against my logical mind. - Surrendering & Serving with your whole open heart. - Faith & Trust & Signs - A state of mind. - From goal setting maniac to "show me the next step". - Apply the knowledge & Relinquishing control.
Episode Four: Speaking to Amber Daines who touches on the subject of Motherhood - Why it is used as an excuse to pursue your dreams and why it's important. Amber is a Mum, communication consultant, author of the book Well said and on the board of Woman for election Australia. Here are the key touch points: - What defines you as a mother? - The Motherhood - Guilt vs excuse. - The Shift. - The reason why the excuses. - Words of wisdom.
Episode Three: We speak with Anuj Saraogi, Senior Executive from NSW Government that took on Base Camp, Everest. What he experienced and what he got out of it. We cover: - The Everest Trek. - What becomes a priority. - The fear of death. - Spiritual moments or not? - What Anuj learned along the way.
Episode Two: We speak with Chris Bates, financial planner and wealth coach whose views about wealth and money follow a different route from the average adviser. Covering: - Purpose - how do you know you are living it? - Wealth, what does it really mean to you? - Change is a good thing. - The future is now. - Overview on ways to manage an average salary without sacrificing.
Episode One: We talk to Rob Prugue, a highly regarded finance professional, who very recently became the former head of Lazard Asset Management Asia-Pacific, covering:  - Retirement. Moving from one treadmill to the next. - What's your exclamation point? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? - Reinvention and the need to continually reinvent ourselves. - The Sabbatical awaits. - Lessons along the way. How Rob defines success and fulfilment and how through change the brain rewires itself along with your values.

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