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Your True Self

Who are you?

Beyond the busyness? Beyond the roles, you play: employee, boss, mother, father, daughter, sister, brother? Beyond the stories, you tell yourself? Beyond your experiences? Behind what you see? Beyond the knowledge, you have gained? Beyond your emotions? Beyond your intellect? Beyond your memories? Beyond the person, your family and friends know? Beyond the world, you have created?

A question that could be worth asking? The answer might not come right away or for a long time. But if you don’t ask it, you’ll never have the opportunity to find your true self and who the true you is. Sometimes I hate answering this question. Who are you? Tell me about yourself. What encapsulates you as a person. How would you describe yourself?

 Almost always it comes out as titles and not personality traits. And almost always I stray away from the question and end up describing something else instead. Yes, I work here so my job involves this and that. What does even say about myself? It says nothing about me at all and who I am. It’s not that I’m scared to find out my true self. But I do hold back. I think it is the idea of truly embracing who I am as a person. Accepting all strengths and flaws. Not judging myself with the conflict of other people’s beliefs.

Believe in yourself 

I believe my true self to be who I am when I am stripped of all my guards and fears and judgment. I know I am tremendously influenced by all those around me and my world. But there has to be some things where I do purely because of my true self. What I am comfortable with. What I believe in.

I imagine that the true person can do life a lot easier. A lot smoother. With less resistance. With more trust. Is more confident. Knows when to act, and when to not do anything. Doesn’t have to have the answers. Doesn’t have to fill the silence. Has a knowing that is beyond anything they have ever known.

Sounds Deep. And it is. The only way to get there is to go deep. The question is, is it worth it? Only your true self can answer that!

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