30 Days Vegan

An interesting journey of becoming more conscious about what I eat. I exercise quite a bit but haven’t really thought a lot about what food I am putting into my body. The Vegan thing came up and kept coming up, and coming up. 


Every second person I meet is Vegan. It’s a hot topic. At the gym, walking and running groups, our guests at Me Afterwork, the guest speaker at a recent business executive networking event, meditation group, the list keeps going.


So finally I decided maybe I should give it a go. It could be a great way to create some better habits around my relationship with food. So far I have learnt, that there are a variety of reasons why people choose go Vegan. Some of which include: 

● Protecting the welfare of animals 

● Protecting the Environment 

● Correlation between high meat diets and illness/disease

● For dietary reasons – e.g. intolerances to dairy and egg products

● Because they feel better I have also learnt about the Vegan food options available:

● Back in with the Bread and Pasta – Egg free of course. 

● Not a lot in the cake shops. 

● Breakfast Vegan Granola tastes pretty good.

● Nutella is not Vegan.

● Bananas have come back in vogue. Fruit is the new/old convenience food. 

● Honey – Topical – Is it or isn’t it permitted?

● Pho Soup is pronounced Fuh  

● Kombucha fermented bacteria – not sure if this is Vegan Approved. The scientist in our team is saying it comes from plant based start cultures. 


I have had a lot of moments of not being able to recognise thy self. A lifelong ‘eating anything on the table/menu’ program that has been significantly altered. Asking about ingredients, checking labels, justifying food choices, the thinking around eating to fuel versus emotional (happy, sad, tired) eating, etc. 


On the whole, I have to say my diet is a lot more colourful. I am not hungry. Interestingly though there is more gas, which could be a sign of realignment. I feel good for eating more healthy food. Whether this is in my head or a combination of head and body… not sure. 

The new habit has definitely made me think more about my relationship with food and how deep that goes. The big question will come after the 30 days.


Where to from here??

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