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Obstacles to Change

The obstacle to creating change (including changing your body size and shape)


This sounds really obvious but time and time again I have to REMIND myself too.

In order to create a different result in your life, you must be willing to DO something different.

The obstacle is that our brain doesn’t like change. It feels uncomfortable to do something different. You must overcome the obstacle of feeling the discomfort of doing it differently. We are faced with emotions like fear, self doubt, shame awkwardness, embarrassment, deprivation, or judgement…

Let me give you an example.

I have never been the type of person to say “I love you” and now I’m a life coach. The people around me throw around “I love you”s like sprinkling salt on a soft boiled egg. So many times I have smiled awkwardly not knowing how to respond.

The truth is, I know exactly how to respond, it just feels uncomfortable. I genuinely love these people in my life. I just don’t feel comfortable saying those three little words. Today I did. I did something different. It felt awkward, but I’m becoming a person who just says I love you.

No big deal you might be thinking.

What I want to ask you is, what is that discomfort that you are avoiding when it comes to food? Is it simply saying “no” to yourself? Are you avoiding feeling deprived? Or is it because you don’t want to feel judged? Just notice what comes up for you.

Imagine if you were willing to feel the discomfort of doing something different. Now you know that is something your brain doesn’t like, you could expect the discomfort and say “no” anyway.



About the Author: Nicky Hammond hit rock bottom when she realised her years of over-achieving and search of happiness from external factors wasn’t providing the satisfaction in life she was looking for. She was miserable and turned to out of control eating for comfort. Over indulging in chocolate helped her numb self doubt  and feelings of inadequacy. Nicky started working with a life coach. She worked on her mental health and got to a place where she was confident and happy. She worked on her physical well being and felt healthier than ever before. 

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