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Carolina Vera

Carolina Vera

PCC Professional Certified Coach with a Holistic apporach Coaching people that feel stuck. I help you break the dead lock and decide your next steps.

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About Carolina Vera

My mission is to help individuals to thrive effortlessly.

I work with professionals that feel stuck, are not satisfied and doubt what their next step is.

I help them connect with their purpose, identify their passion, create a vision and put themselves at work!

The result is a happier person in action. My clients begin focus on what provides greater impact, success and wellbeing for themselves and their community.

My story:

I had, what I think, was a successful career at the corporate world. I worked at Yahoo! in Silicon Valley, I was the CEO of e-ecommerce company and I worked in the Strategy department of the second largest bank in Spain.

A country relocation for family reasons made me realise that, even tough I appreciated my career, I was not happy and did not know what my next step should be. I felt lost, walking around in fog.

What helped me? Coaching.

At that moment I decided to become a coach, to live my life purpose: accompany people to live the life they want.

Passion, purpose and commitment have leaded my way since then.

In the past 6 years I have dedicated my self to:

  • Coaching: executives and also individuals in a transition phase.
  • Teaching and training: Teaching Effective Communication at a university Carlos III in Spain and giving trainings on Personal Leadership Skills.

I am PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by ICF. I am also a qualified Team Coach. I have a master degree in Marketing and another one in Entrepreneurship. I studied Business Administration.

I am a neuroscience, mindfulness and communication enthusiast.

After a period of professional inactivity, the coach sessions carried out with Carolina, helped me to value my qualities, gave me resources to focus and reach my goal of finding a fulfilling job. Coaching sessions with Carolina provided me with tools to prepare a job interview and to overcome and accept defeats. With her help I not only found a job, I found a better occupation that I was not contemplating at the beginning. Therefore, I can only have words of thanks to Carolina, who accompanied me throughout the process and recommend carrying out this type of process for those who want to achieve their goals.
Sonia Caballero - Course Coordinator Salesianos School
Coaching with Carolina was a very enriching experience. I proposed a goal that I had in my hands. But the vital moment I was in, the willingness to let go and the professionalism of Carolina, made me find a much deeper goal, a goal that since then has guided my life as a compass. What I was dealing with required changes. It made me realise that I was the leader of the changes, and that I could make them happen. I was not alone to take those steps. I felt accompanied to the end. Carolina gave me the opportunity to see my potential and dare to live any process that I have to live.
Montse Elwes - Social Antropologist
At the end of the first session we agreed on the objective of my coaching sessions: "Organize myself in action". We set this goal as it was going to help me reach my goal: open a new location for my restaurant. Before the seventh session, I had achieved my goal of organising myself in action and I was weeks away of opening in a new location.
Ben Palpacuer - Entrepreneur
Package Offer
Program for professionals that feel stuck

If you feel stuck, are not happy and want to change. This is a program for you.

I help you break the deadlock and decide what the next steps are going to be.

  • If you want to transition from corporate world to your own company
  • If you are an executive that needs to create greater impact and recognition
  • If you want to transition to another position

This program is for you.

This program is meant to provide you with clarity. We will dig into your purpose, values, limiting and empowering beliefs as well as working in personal leadership skills that will help you trough change.

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