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Gloria Jensen Coaching

Certified Life Coach Become who you aspire to be - 360° coaching with Meaning & Heart

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About Gloria Jensen Coaching

Gloria Jensen is an International and Talented Life Coach. She excels in helping people to gain clarity, confidence and overcome their fears to achieve their personal and professional goals. She offers worldwide online private coaching for individuals, via phone or video call, in English, French and German.

She helps :

  1. People who want to get the most effective mindset: “I never lose, I either win or learn” (N. Mandela) for the purpose of life mastery.
  2. Gifted and Talented adults who are willing to understand and live their atypical ‘functioning’ with peace and joy
  3. Unsatisfied professionals who want to make the shift towards a more meaningful career using their strengths and passion.
  4. Empaths who want to transform their high sensitivity from a burden to a gift
  5. Free spirits who want to forge their own path, but need support to make their vision happen

Working with Gloria, you will be on your path to deep inner and outer transformation. Changing your perspective and mindset is one of the greatest value of her coaching. Once you master that, you have a tool for life! From your sessions, you will get inspiration, focus, confidence, and support, from a place of meaning and heart.

Various educational, work and life experiences in the French, English and German speaking worlds have informed her own unique coaching perspective. Gloria is a qualified Life Coach, trained by UK’s leading coach Carol Ann Rice. She also has a certification as a coach for Gifted and Talented, trained by the French Gifted Expert Fabrice Micheau. She is part of HPI Talent, a network of professionals around Giftedness and holds regular conferences and interviews around intense personalities (people with a highly absorbing mental and emotional life).

Her wise, insightful and solution-oriented approach is highly sought and enables more and more people who meet and work with her to believe in themselves and make their dreams become a reality… until they become an inspiration for others as well!

Gloria’s ability to synthesize and reformulate at high speed and her pertinent questions lead me to the heart of my issues. Her coaching was edifying and acted as a catalyst for my projects, both professional and personal. From the very first session, I had concrete actions to implement in the service of my life balance as a woman and a mom.
Melina Sahli - Fundraiser
Just a month of working with Gloria has given me the most amazing results. Not only is she kind, warm, and easy to talk to, but she also managed to motivate me and make me accountable for my everyday goals. I’ve tried many different methods over the years, and Gloria’s technique has proven to be one of the most efficient so far.
Louis Cavender - Business Expert
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Discovery Coaching Session

30 Minutes of free coaching with Gloria via phone or video call to identify your needs and wishes and how to make them happen.

Follow this link, to find out more and book in.

There is no obligation, no sales speech, I just want to help you whether it is for 30 minutes or more.

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