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Katherine Jayne

Katherine Jayne

Transformational Coach Embrace and love your body, improve your relationship with food and build up your emotional fitness and self esteem.

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About Katherine Jayne


To empower beautiful humans to set themselves free from the mental prison of struggling with their relationship with food and their bodies. To show them how to reconnect with their core selves and their needs & emotions so they can live a rich, full and healthy life.


This matters so much because there are so many of us who have challenges in this area based on our conditioning and current society. When you are stuck in it, everything seems so HARD. The behaviours & patterns you are trying to stop just keep repeating. Maybe you’re constantly on a diet, always trying to ‘shift those few pounds’, your weight is yo-yo’ing up and down, you can’t consistently stick to an exercise regime or resist eating chocolate when you’ve had a bad day (and then beat yourself up when you eat the whole bar!!)


There is a wealth of evidence that the diet industry and the media is a major factor in disorderd eating. It’s all about “what do I need to do?”. The plan, the routine, the programme, the diet, the quick fix, the shakes, the restriction. All these frantic actions can be so tiring and we can find ourselves feeling unfulfilled and a failure!!

Rewiring our brains around ‘good’ or ‘bad’ behaviours and doing the ’right’ or the ‘wrong’ thing plays a massive part in elevating our thinking around food and our bodies.

There are a lot of coaching ideas, models and techniques which are kept away from the mainstream health industry that I am super excited to share. When applied they can truly turn your health journey and your whole life around!!


I suffered from an all consuming eating disorder for 10 years. I am so proud of how far I have come since those dark places. I am very far down the road of recovery now and it is my MISSION to be the helping hand that I needed when I was going through all that alone.

Everything I have learnt and embodied can be applied to many challenges around health including binge eating, emotional eating, alcohol & drug abuse, smoking and other addictions.

Join me to embrace body freedom and fall back in love with yourself!!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Katherine for life coaching sessions, and the depth of discussions we had has been phenomenal. The focus and attention that she give me allowed me to feel like I was in the most supportive and respectful space that allowed me to create changes on so many levels. Katherines ability to take you on a journey to self and discover things that you may never had thought would be holding you back is outstanding. Thank you Katherine for your ongoing dedication to serving us your clients. Would highly recommend Katherine to anyone and everyone :)
Fatima Raad - Maternal and Child Health Nurse
Katherine has helped me enormously by being so generous with her time and energy. I owe a lot of my change to her!! 
I really haven’t ever felt this good in my life and everything she has taught me around my body is resonating with the rest of who I am. Super grateful and happy to have found a better mindset.
Annoymous - Photography Student
I was very fortunate enough to have Katherine as my health coach. I can not recommend her highly enough. Katherine was absolutely amazing. She always created a safe space for me to be really open with what I needed to share and I fully felt supported through every session. She helped me gain clarity around creating a consistent and achievable exercise and eating routine which I have struggled with my while life. I'm extremely happy to say I now love exercising and preparing healthy meals. She challenged me on beliefs that don't serve me to help me change my way of thinking around my health. Katherine you have helped me achieve so much in such little time. I can't tell you how much that means to me and thank you enough.. You are amazing!!
Michelle Hutton - EFT Energy Practitioner

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