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Stay or Go?

Should I End My Relationship or Keep Working At It?


If you are hearing yourself say ‘should I end my relationship’ or ‘this isn’t working’, very frequently take notice and act now. Being the the wrong relationship for too long can mean you miss out on creating a truly supportive, loving relationship; and even starting a family.

There is a misconception that relationships require TONNES of work. Yes, they do require work, but there is work, and there is WORK! Do you ever fantasise about the relationship coming to an end?

Do you find yourself constantly having to compromise with your partner; whereby everything including the kitchen sink has to be negotiated? A place where it feels like an uphill struggle ALL THE TIME.

That’s a major RED flag.

Relationships do take work, and effort and compromise but they can also be a heap of fun, laughter and support. A place where you can truly be yourself and are: Respected, Loved,   Cared for, Trusted.

If your relationship is consistently bringing you nothing but misery act now instead of repeatedly postponing the inevitable. Five months of postponing can become 5, 10, 15 years.


What do I mean by ‘ACT NOW’?  

Anything along the lines of:

  • Having a frank chat with your partner about the state of play. Is there anything left to talk about? Are you just coexisting? Do you still truly care about the outcome, and are still invested? Have either of you checked out?
  • Getting couples counselling, seeing a relationship coach.
  • Working hard at the relationship within a time limit rather than staying indefinitely.

Rather than asking ‘should I end my relationship?’ try asking ‘what is keeping me in this relationship?



About Author: Rosanna Piers, specialises in delivering relationship skills training, and coaching clients who want to either find and develop a committed relationship, improve a current relationship or seek empowerment in toxic relationships. Her caring and empowering style encourages her clients to safely explore and challenge the barriers to finding and/or creating strong, fulfilling relationships. Rosanna’s integrative practice – which is informed by the latest research in positive psychology – includes solution focused, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic coaching. 

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