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Murray Guest | Inspire My Business

Murray Guest | Inspire My Business

Coach | Facilitator Strengths coach - unlocking potential

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New South Wales - The Hunter Valley
About Murray Guest | Inspire My Business

Murray Guest is one of Australia’s leading Strengths coaches, helping over 2,000 people unlock and apply their strengths to achieve their professional and personal goals. He combines his experiences from 20 years in corporate roles in manufacturing and learning and development to build teams and inspire leaders. As a Gallup certified Strengths coach, he partners with leaders to build strengths-based cultures, where the benefits of a strengths-based approach are realised. Murray is passionate about people getting to do what they do best every day and have conversations that matter. He loves mountain biking too!

Working with Murray is difficult to describe in words ... but I'll try. His ability to hear, read and understand your business and personal situation, apply sound business principals mixed with empathy and genuine care; and help you create a short, medium and long term plan that not only meets your requirements but exceeds your expectations is a result of Murray working in a state of flow ... a space where HE is in his element because he is assisting YOU to be the best version of yourself, and achieve all that you are capable of. Thank you so much Murray for your assistance in helping me Shine.
Tara O'Connell - Owner, Tara O'Connell
Murray brings a wealth of creativity and purpose to his interactions both with individuals and organisations. My team members performance coaching, organisational advances in safety and wellbeing and my own personal development in speaking engagements have all had tailoring and lift from Murray. Murray provides a great way to engage and hold an audience!
Belinda Grealy - Operations Manager, Pacific National
I have had the pleasure to work with Murray for the past few years. Murray has the ability to coach in a manner that brings out an individual's strengths. He has a unique way of ensuring individual's delve deep without the pressure. He is extremely approachable, kind and definitely knows the strengths framework extremely well. If you require leadership coaching, mentoring and or team building and development, Murray is your person.
Mumtaz Parker - Training Manager, Water NZ
Murray is a brilliant listener, kind and caring whilst providing practical strategies for all situations I come across as a Senior Manager. I thoroughly enjoy meeting with Murray to discuss my strengths and value his support through my career.
Emma Gilby - Commissioning & Planning Officer, NSW Dept Comunities & Justice
Murray is an excellent facilitator and standout group activity designer Having worked directly with him, he displays a keen sense of crowd dynamics and leads events with ease, grace and a wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend Murray as a keynote speaker, event emcee and workshop facilitator.
Brandon Miller - Owner & Director, 34 Strong
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