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Developmental coach Bring awareness to your inner game to create lasting changes

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Change can be accomplished by modifying your actions and behaviours. However, lasting change is done by bringing awareness to what’s driving your actions and behaviours, your inner game.

My mission is to shine a spotlight on the blindspots holding you back in life.

By looking at your mindset, emotions, beliefs, and the personality structures governing them, I facilitate the conditions that will affect your evolution from the inside out.

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MeAfterWork Special

Developmental Coaching is designed specifically to empower you by gaining awareness and integrating your blind spots that hold you back from achieving our potential.

The MeAfterWork Special offer includes:

  • Free 30 minutes intake session
  • 6 coaching sessions (online or by telephone) for the price of 4
  • The Enneagram Personality Profiling test
  • Pre-Coaching Self Review

What can you get from it?

  • More self awareness of your personality and behaviours
  • Run your own brain 
  • Speak and live your truth
  • Actualise your potential
  • Accelerate your personal and professional growth and development through challenging times
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