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the essence ltd

the essence ltd

Certified HeartMath® Mentor/Coach and Trainer Empowering people to create wellbeing by using HeartMath science to transform and self-regulate stress.

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About the essence ltd

HeartMath was established as a non-profit organisation in 1991 to research the links between heart-brain communication, stress, health, performance and resilience. Considerable published research has now verified our human capacity for self-regulation of emotions and self-empowerment of health and wellbeing.

As a certified HeartMath mentor and coach, I seek to empower people to create their own wellbeing. This involves establishing what wellbeing issues are of concern to you, sharing research-based knowledge about human physiology so you can understand what’s going on internally when faced with stress or challenge, and teaching you simple tools to bring alignment and balance for heart, mind, emotions and body.

We do not need to be dictated to by experiences of the past. With new skills and awareness, you’ll find you’ll be able to better regulate your energy and wellbeing throughout each day. Your relationships, your performance at work and your general health can benefit.

(Mentoring is available online.)

I appreciated the tone and relaxed feel of the sessions. This enabled me to relax, be vulnerable at times and appreciate how the techniques can benefit me.
Meeg Dunn - School Principal
Before I used to be in the mess and I couldn’t work my way out, ’cause I couldn’t see it…now I’m above it. It’s actually taught me to rise above.
- Senior Leader
I recognise when I’m tense now, much more readily than before. It’s actually taught me how to be a better communicator.
- Company employee
[I learned] how to build up my resilience to workplace stress [and] I learned useful techniques which I’m excited about utilising at work
Nick Lyons - Educator
Package Offer
Building Personal Resilience™ - 4 session programme.

Single session mentoring is available at $100/ hour.


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