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What’s your word?

At our annual workshops, we encourage people to choose a word for the year. That one word that you keep coming back to, to remind what you want the year to be all about.

However, I have never thought about having a word for my life… until at a recent business information session, they asked us to provide a word that would describe who we are in business. A word that we could run with for the next 10 years.

To help with discovering your word they suggested looking back on what we have done in our life, and from there a common theme will surface.

We had all of three minutes to choose a word and introduce ourselves with this word.  Some of the words that came up included:

  • Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Character
  • Service
  • Implementation

My word was mountain. It was the word I chose for the year. So I thought I could run with that for another nine years. My word is all about help others take their next step/s up the mountain.

This got me thinking about choosing a word that encapsulates all areas of my life. A life word. Now that needs some more time I think. Choosing a word that would sustain me for not just 10 years but for the rest of my life.

Do you have a life word? If not maybe try starting with a word for the year or the decade and then see how it feels after a couple of years.

Highly recommend having a word. It does bring clarity to who you are, the direction you want to take, and the decisions you make in life.


Good luck. Feel free to share your word with us. We would love to hear what you go with or don’t go with… that also tells a story.

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