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Burnout Coach

Burnout Coach

Professional Burnout Coach Helping over-stressed professionals back to performance, resilience and enjoyment at work

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About Burnout Coach

I can help you turn burnout around in a matter of weeks, by tackling the root causes of your frustration, stress and exhaustion.

Do you suffer burnout symptoms such as ongoing stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, aggression, insomnia, exhaustion, loss of interest, negative thinking, brain fade, desire to isolate, addiction?

Does your life look great on the outside, but it’s left you exhausted and demoralised?

Are you:

  • Stressed and anxious
  • Exhausted from overwork and being ‘always on’
  • Feeling un-rewarded or under-valued
  • Competitive, ambitious and impatient
  • Perfectionist
  • People-pleaser
  • Procrastinating
  • Frustrated, angry or irritable
  • Experiencing loss of performance and motivation
  • Struggling to get on with people at work or at home
  • Feeling powerless, lost or irrelevant
  • Worried about job security or finances



Sydney Professional Mens Stress Management 

Sydney Anxiety

This work has allowed me to de-clutter my mind, to gain new insights and see my old barriers to success. When I shifted mindset, it brought success raising $500k.
Andrew - CEO
I have developed a heightened awareness of life on purpose. I feel like a light inside of me has been lit and is burning brighter and brighter as I delve deeper in to this process. Life is great.
DM - Educator
Package Offer
Beat Burnout

Six weeks one-on-one coaching specifically targetting the symptoms of burnout. You will learn how to overcome the challenges that are blocking your performance, resilience and enthusiasm.

  1. Boost Mood and Performance
    You’re going to discover how to reignite your passion at work, without changing your job or the people.
  2. Get Better Results
    Take back control of your results. Start giving out of true generosity and care, and feel greater reward.
  3. Enjoy People More
    Take the strain off your relationships and enjoy being around your team and your loved ones again.
  4. Reduce Stress
    Stop worrying about your performance, other people’s opinions and job security.
  5. Work Less Hours
    Work less but better. Forget the always-on mentality, time-wasting, overwhelm and procrastination.
  6. Be the Leader
    Start turning the people at work back in to allies and have them respect you as a leader again.
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