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Madeeha Khan Yousafzai Coach & Consultant - Create a Career & Life You Love

Madeeha Khan Yousafzai Coach & Consultant - Create a Career & Life You Love

NLP Coach | Performance Coach | Mindset Coach Create a Career & Life You Love and You Deserve

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About Madeeha Khan Yousafzai Coach & Consultant - Create a Career & Life You Love

WHO I am – I am a Coach | Consultant | Trainer | Mentor in domains of Agile | Scrum | Software Project Management | Personal Excellence and Organizational Excellence.

WHAT I do – I facilitate you to create a career and life you love and you deserve.

WHY I do – It is my passion to empower people by helping them to find their passion, unlock their true potential and live a fulfilled life.

WHOM I work with – Corporate Professionals mainly in Information Technology industry who are looking to amplify their success and creating impact by living and leading with compassion.

WHAT problems I can solve for you with you – If you are looking

  1. To Strengthen Your Mindset
  2. To Build Resilience
  3. To Build Compassionate Relationships
  4. To Enhance Communication of Your Inner World with Outer World
  5. To Resolve Conflicts
  6. To Overcome the Daily Life’s Stress and Anxiety
  7. To Gain Self Confidence
  8. To Ace Mindfulness, Focus and Calmness
  9. To Optimize Your Performance at Work
  10. To Adapt to New Good Habits
  11. To Leave Negative and Disempowering Emotions Behind
  12. To learn strategy of Goal Setting and Goal Getting
  13. To Transform Midlife Crisis to Midlife Awakening
  14. To Find Your Passion and Purpose
  15. To Live A Fulfilled Life with Gratitude and Grit
  16. To Know How to Be Successful in All Areas of Life

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Mobile:  +92 – 335 – 4185897


WHAT coaching models I use – I use following coaching models and interventions for which I am trained and certified;
1) GROW – Goals, Reality, Options, Will coaching model by Sir John Whitmore
2) ICF – International Coaching Federation Core Competencies Model
3) USF – Ultimate Success Formula for Goal Settings and Goal Achieving – created by Tony Robbins
4) TLT – Time Line Therapy by Time Line Therapy Association – created by Tad James
5) NLP Coaching endorsed by Coaching Division of The American Board of NLP (Note : NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
6) SCARF model for Growth Mindset and Collaboration by David Rock & NeuroLeadership Institute.

WHAT services I offer – I offer following services;

Project Management Mentoring, Project Management Consultancy, Project Management Training in Waterfall, Agile and Scrum Framework for Startups, Government Departments, Software Houses, precisely overall IT sector.

I also facilitate for – Mindset Coaching, Career Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Personal Excellence Coaching, Professional Development Coaching, and Time line Therapy.

Recently, I contacted Madeeha and told her that "I really want to re-create my career and life". She responded back timely and promptly and we scheduled our first coaching & consulting session. It was a wonderful session with a professional coach and an adorable (kind) human being - Madeeha Khan. After thought-provoking discussion with her, I realized that I really needed to think smart and deep about what I am doing and what I want from life. She shared certain relevant and customized activities to bring out deep hidden pearls of my personality on the surface. I am really thankful for Madeeha's time and kind talk.
Samran Rafique - Executive at Dollar Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Everyone needs a coach, and I am no exception. After reading one of my posts, "Straight from the heart," Madeeha got in contact and provided me with valuable coaching + consulting. We had a long, fruitful conversation where we established understanding and clarity towards areas that I might need some help and guidance. I was amazed at the fact that she came up with several powerful thought-provoking questions + guidelines for me, including the names of people I can connect over LinkedIn and things I can do to pursue my dream. Since she is NLP certified, I would recommend her to any person who needs clarity via coaching, consulting, or mentoring
Amit Khanna - Project Manager - Agile Leader - Scrum Master
Madeeha is very smart project management professional. She has potential to lead and coach enterprise level teams. Best part is her passion towards her job. I have seen very few professional who loves their profession and she is one of them. She guided me as Agile coach during one of my project and I can clearly see her coaching impact in my project as a success story. I truly recommend her as positive change agent
M Salman Iftikhar Khan - Change Agent | Startup Enabler | Process Creator | Agile | Project Manager at Virtual Force Inc.
Had a great mentoring session! Madeeha provided a wonderful PowerPoint that pinpointed all the key topics I spoke with her about. The more I schedule time with her, the deeper we get into solving various issues I am dealing with professionally. Also I get a different perspective on how to approach various issues. I am excited to continue scheduling sessions, as I am seeing growth in myself.
Sundeep Kumar - Scrum Master
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