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Edward George Pty Ltd

Executive Coach Personal development for Professional progress.

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Simon works with professionals who are looking to improve the current state of play. This may include career and business performance, inspired leadership, organisational transformation, attracting new talent, creating and building a culture of trust, enthusiasm and performance.

My view is that all external career successes begin with deep personal transformation and awareness.

As a Coach I pride myself on being a good listener, supportive and encouraging, an excellent questioner, able to simplify key concepts and I make sure that I read broadly and extensively from Autobiographies, Finance, Psychology, Leadership to Spiritual material like Buddhism and Zen so that our conversations lead to fast tracking those A-HA moments that may take years to uncover.

Thankfully I was provided the opportunity to have Simon provide coaching to me and it has been invaluable- Simon was able to ask the right questions and help me understand my current job needs, my responses to situations and also provided me with clarity on why certain job roles suit me more. Simon has the patience of a saint, a fantastic personality and a great ability to make others feel at ease. Thanks Simon for providing me with positive guidance, direction and some good humour to assist in times of need.
Bernadette Mitchell-Armstrong - Executive Operations Manager
I engaged Simon when I wanted to start my practice and if it wasn't for his advice, support and guidance, I'm sure it would have been a MUCH tougher road. Simon is an exceptional person and coach. He knows how to push you and brings out a side of you which you thought never existed (or lies dormant as I found out!)
Shil Shanghavi - Public Speaking Specialist - TEDx Speaker / TEDx Coach
I have been working with Simon as my coach for just over 8 months and I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with him. Simon has a great ability to listen, ask the right questions and challenge the uncomfortable. I have been able to get out of my comfort zone, speak my truth and develop my potential to help others. I have found a level of confidence I knew was there but wasn't sure how to bring out
Alana Zelones - Principal - The People and Co Collective
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